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Andrus Center for Public Policy

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The Andrus Center for Public Policy advances the legacy issues of former Idaho Governor and Secretary of the Interior, Cecil D. Andrus — wise use of our environmental resources and public lands, proper funding of education for our children and the cultivation of leadership from all segments of our society.

Why Public Lands Matter
March 28, 2017
Jordan Ballroom, Boise State Student Union

The events surrounding the occupation of the Malheur Refuge and renewed calls to transfer or ostensibly claim our federally managed public lands have alarmed people, not just in the west but throughout the country.  Public lands — how they are managed and how they are used — matter.  Public Lands are critical to the conservation of fish and wildlife habitat, watersheds, and antiquities.  They’re a critical source of outdoor recreation such as hiking, fishing, and hunting.  And, they’re an important economic engine driving tourism and the dollars it brings to the states in which these lands reside.

This full day conference is designed to look at current federal management practices, the various voices in support and dissent, and potential stakeholder collaboration toward forward-looking best practices designed to manage, protect, and preserve our public lands for the generations to follow.   Speakers include Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, Montana Governor Steve Bullock, County Commissioners Gordon Cruikshank, Terry Kramer, and Tom Lamar, recreationists Luis Benitez, Colorado Office of the Outdoor Recreation Industry, Ashley Korenblatt, Public Lands Initiative Director for the International Mountain Biking Association, Peter Metcalf, CEO of Black Diamond Equipment, and more!

The full day event will include lunch and a reception for $50.  Registration is now open, click here for more information.

Beyond the White Clouds: Behind the Scenes
March 27, 2017
Special Events Center, Boise State Student Union

Idaho Public Television recently documented the Boulder White Clouds decades long year journey from a potential open pit mine to a federally protected wilderness. The journey began in 1970 with a young politician by the name of Cecil D. Andrus and ended with a wilderness bill submitted by Congressman Mike Simpson in August of 2015. In between, the two received support from myriad conservation groups, recreationists, sportsmen, and local businesses. Join Governor Andrus, Representative Simpson, and other key players as they reflect on the journey to wilderness and what the future might hold for other special places.

There is no charge for this event. Registration is now open and is strongly recommended, click here for more information.


Women and Leadership is an annual conference that highlights female leaders across a variety of fields – from the military to the boardroom and from the arts to high tech. Women and men attend keynote speeches, skill builder workshops, and networking sessions – all designed to create better leaders and promote gender balance. Mark your calendar now for September 13 and 14, 2017.

Environment and Public Lands

Wise use of our public lands and collaborative land-use decisions through stakeholder inclusive conversations are at the heart of the Andrus Center.  As former Secretary of the Interior, Cecil D. Andrus holds one of the greatest conservation records in American history.  In his words, “I remain hopeful that I will be able to pass on to my grandchildren all the pleasures of life in an unspoiled West. Perhaps hope should be replaced by a stronger word. It is a matter of obligation.”


The Andrus Center is a champion of public education. It is our goal to ensure our children can compete in an increasingly global economy.  This will be done through providing early leaning opportunities so all children entering kindergarten are ready for success, attracting and retaining qualified teachers by offering a competitive pay scale and rewarding experience, and by supporting post-secondary programs and public/private partnerships that foster a prepared workforce.

About the Center

The Andrus Center provides a nationally respected forum for addressing vital public policy issues of our time. Our well attended events highlight independent, nonpartisan engagement on critical issues confronting Idaho, the American West, and the United States.

Annual Events

Events at the Andrus Center are organized on the principle that the responsibility of citizenship is not merely to participate, but to participate based on knowledge and information that form the basis for intelligent decisions. To that end, the Center organizes events that facilitate discussion and policy formation on our legacy issues — wise use of our environmental resources, proper funding of education for our children, and the cultivation of leadership from all segments of our society. View Andrus Center Events.

Support the Center

The Andrus Center for Public Policy is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization within the School of Public Service at Boise State University. The Center is overseen by a Board of Governors with four-term Idaho Governor, Cecil D. Andrus, serving as Chairman. If you enjoy what the Andrus Center has to offer, please consider a one-time, monthly, or sustaining gift. Make an online Donation.