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2014 Women and Leadership Conference – What is Success?

In our 2nd year, Women and Leadership is the only leadership conference of its kind in Idaho. Attendees drew from throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.   Welcoming both women and men, our conference format combines keynote presentations from accomplished women leaders in a variety of fields, skills-based training sessions that focus on professional development, and morning and evening reception events that enable attendees to connect with their peers and develop their personal networks.


Conference Presentations

Program and Agenda

Pioneering Success (Audio)
Admiral Michelle Howard

Women and Risk (Panel)
Dr. Ellen Ochoa, Barbara Morgan, Deanne Shulman, Colonel Sherrie McCandless, Judith Freeman

The Civil Rights Act at 50: Today’s Issues for Women
Victoria Lipnic

Expect to Win
Carla Harris

The Corner Office (Panel)
Tami Longaberger, Teresa Carlson, Zelda Geyer-Sylvia

Reach for the Stars
Dr. Ellen Ochoa

The Imposter Syndrome
Dr. Caroline Heldman

Nurture Your Nature
Karen Crouse

Crossing Worlds
Judith Freeman

Breakfast of Champions (Panel)
Kathy Heddy Drum, Melanie Simboli, Barbara Buchan, Karen Crouse

Getting to the ‘Martini Shot”: Owning Your Success and Making Things Happen
Christine Kunewa Walker

Evaluation Overview and Whitepaper

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