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2017 Women and Leadership – Lessons in Leadership

With its fifth year in the books, and a sell out crowd of 800+, Women and Leadership is the only leadership conference of its kind in Idaho. Attendees drew from throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.   Welcoming both women and men, our conference format combines keynote presentations from accomplished women leaders in a variety of fields, skills-based training sessions that focus on professional development, and morning and evening reception events that enable attendees to connect with their peers and develop their personal networks.



Conference Presentations


Joyful Leadership
Susan Sygall

Take Command and Win
Captain Gail Harris

A Richer Life through Authenticity: The Art of Being Ourselves
Meredith Walker

Leadership + Life Hacking to Find Your Sweet Spot
Tara Russell

Renegotiating the terms of Respect: Why Pay Equity is a Win-Win (Audio Unavailable)
Meet The Woman Investor Pushing Amazon, Google, And More To Close Gender Pay Gap
Why Can’t Your Company Just Fix the Gender Wage Gap?
Natasha Lamb

The Gender Confidence Gap
Janice Schneider

Leading with a Little Bit More
Hattie Kauffman

‘Powering Up’ to Leadership
Anne Doyle

Conference Review 2017

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