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Andrus Center Events

Events at the Andrus Center are organized on the principle that the responsibility of citizenship is not merely to participate, but to participate based on knowledge and information that form the basis for intelligent decisions.  To that end, the Center organizes events that highlight independent, non-partisan engagement on issues surrounding public lands and the environment, education and leadership.

Ongoing Events

The Andrus Award for Leadership is presented to an outstanding public leader who has demonstrated the types of qualities – integrity, courage, bipartisanship and common sense – that defined the distinguished career of Cecil Andrus. Past recipients include Senator Alan Simpson and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.


The Andrus Lecture is an annual forum for thoughtful and timely consideration of public affairs. National Book Award winner and New York Times journalist, Tim Egan, presented the first address in 2012. Louis Fisher, a renowned constitutional scholar, delivered the 2013 annual Andrus Lecture. The most recent lecture, in 2016, featured National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis.


Woman from back with arms raised in victoryWomen and Leadership Conference is dedicated to promoting women’s interests, causes, and rights. Our inaugural conference was headlined by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Ambassador Bonnie McElveen Hunter. Speakers annually include some of America’s most distinguished women from the fields of business, finance, journalism, entertainment, law, academe, arts, and letters.


Our Annual Environmental Conference is dedicated to those issues affecting the American West – Preservation and use of our Public Lands, our natural and changing ecosystems, and the waterways that make up the great state of Idaho.


Past Events

Politics for Lunch was a lunch and learn series conducted during the legislative sessions in 2014, 2015, and 2016. The series covered topical news events being considered in local and state government. Beginning in 2017, the series will be managed by the Political Science Department of Boise State’s School of Public Service.  Audio of past events can be found here.

Early Learning in Idaho: Finding Common Ground was a joint venture with the McClure Center of University of Idaho, business leaders and early learning specialists. This nonpartisan dialogue on learning opportunities for Idaho’s young children on May 4, 2015, brought politicians, educators, and family advocates together to identify an Idaho approach to increase the share of children who enter Kindergarten prepared for success in school and later life. Over 200 legislators, educators, business people, and parents attended the one-day symposium. A White Paper of the report is available by contacting the Andrus Center at (208) 426-3784 or you can email the Andrus Center || Watch Idaho Public Television’s recording of Early Learning in Idaho