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Andrus Lecture-Louis Fisher

Louis Fisher, renowned constitutional scholar, delivered the 2013 annual Andrus Lecture on November 6. Fisher, the nation’s most prolific scholar on the Constitution over the past forty years, focused his remarks on “Presidential War Making and the Constitution.” The Andrus Lecture, presented by Boise State University’s Andrus Center for Public Policy, was followed by an engaging Q&A session and book signing.

“Fisher’s scholarly works have established him as a national treasure,” Dr. David Adler, Director of the Andrus Center for Public Policy, observed. “His writings and testimony before Congress on constitutional issues, budgetary matters and the operations of government have enlightened members of Congress, federal judges, officials in the executive branch and writers across the globe.” “His work on some of the most pressing challenges confronting America, including presidential resort to unilateral executive war making has been insured a lasting influence in the corridors of power and the halls of academe.”

“From his arrival in Washington in the time of Richard Nixon’s assertions of executive privilege and impoundment authority, to the impeachment of Bill Clinton to the constitutional implications of the war on terror, Fisher’s prolific writings have been cited as authoritative by political scientists and legal scholars,” Adler added.

Book coverFisher, a prize-winning scholar, has assisted foreign nations in writing their constitutions, lectured throughout the world and has testified before Congress more than 50 times on such issues as war powers, state secrets privilege, NSA surveillance, executive spending discretion, executive privilege, CIA whistleblowing, covert action, military tribunals and matters involving the Supreme Court, Congress and executive authority.

The author of nearly 500 scholarly articles, Fisher’s 30 books include President and Congress, Presidential War Power, Nazi Saboteurs on Trial: A Military Tribunal and American Law, Congressional Abdication on War and Spending, Religious Liberties in America: Political Safeguards, The Supreme Court Without Illusion and Idolatry, The Law of the Executive Branch: Presidential Power, Military Tribunals and Presidential Power: American Revolution to the War on Terrorism, and The Supreme Court and Congress: Rival Interpretations.

A recipient of several of the academy’s most prestigious awards, Dr. Fisher is currently Scholar in Residence at the Constitution Project. He worked for four decades at the Library of Congress as Senior Specialist in Separation of Powers and Specialist in Constitutional Law. Among other projects, he served as Research Director of the House Iran-Contra Committee in 1987, writing major sections of the final report. Fisher has held various teaching posts throughout the United States, and is a Visiting Professor of Law at the William and Mary School of Law.

The Andrus Lecture can be viewed on YouTube.