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Skill Builders and Networking

Rhea Allen
CEO & President
Peppershock Media

Angie Scobby
Art Director & Graphic Designer
Peppershock Media

Culture & Brand Camp

There’s no doubt that you want your organization to be distinctive, exceptional and an amazing place to work right? Don’t we all? The truth is it can’t be if you don’t have the right tools. It’s your job to take advantage of every superpower each team member brings to the table and provide a sense of value and relevance for your co-workers. By having a happy, healthy culture, you can create a positive brand experience not only for your employees but for your customers. They’ll all want to come back for more! Happy employees result in positive word of mouth advertising and have been linked with outperforming the competition by 20%! What’s more, high engagement has been shown to result in a 28% increase in earnings growth.

Jon Bailey
GIVENT Executive Network

Julie Hart
Vice President, Idaho Office
Love Communications

One Degree of Separation, Meeting Your Next Opportunity

We all have goals we’re excited about reaching, without the right network those objectives will be harder to achieve.  Join professional networking gurus, Jon Bailey, CEO of GIVENT Executive Network, and Julie Hart, VP of Love Communications as they guide you through the significance of being present in meetings and importance of servant leadership as you grow your network and sphere of influence.  This workshop will dramatically change the way you see networking and give you the necessary skills and tools to double your network quickly if implemented.

The White Whale, Why Quality Networking Matters

We all have that “White Whale” the client or company we’re dying to do business with but haven’t been able to crack the code!  Join professional networking gurus, Jon Bailey, CEO of GIVENT Executive Network, and Julie Hart, VP of Love Communications as they guide you through a mini version of the executive networking group top Idaho Executives attend every month.  You will quickly learn the significance of quality networking, how it’s really done, and will quite possibly find someone in the room who can get you to your “White Whale”.

Carol Barkes, CPM
Best-Selling Author
Neuroscience-Based Conflict Resolution Expert

Negotiation and Difficult Conversations

During this presentation, Carol will share brain-based strategies for improving negotiations and reframing difficult conversations into exciting opportunities for better understanding, growth, and collaboration.  Her unique approach makes both processes simpler and less painful.  Attendees will leave with new tools to add to their conflict and negotiation toolbox.

Tricia Burns, MBA
Adjunct Faculty
Boise State Center for Professional Development

Work Seems Limitless, Your Time is Not

Face it, you cannot do it all because “all” never ends. Stop spending your effort on getting more tasks on and off your To-Do list. Time management only works after you purposefully manage your attention and your energy. Let’s talk about how to stop chasing volume and start choosing a purpose.

Ronda Conger
Vice President
CBH Homes

I Want It All: Disrupting Work-Life Balance as You Know It.

This just in, work-life balance is a myth. Ditch work-life balance from your vocabulary and say hello to one fabulous life! Stop compromising, stop selling yourself short, you can have it all. This is about creating a big life. Your life. We’re re-thinking what work-life balance means and creating the life we’ve all been dreaming of for work and home. Ronda Conger, Vice President of CBH Homes, business owner, author, happily married for 24 years and rockstar mom to two boys will be sharing and bringing to light how she plans her days, spends her life, and lives the dream. This superwoman has been named 2018 Woman of the Year by the Idaho Business Review and she’s ready to empty the tank and share it all with you.

Dwight Edwards
Office Printing Solutions, Training Manager
HP, Inc

How to Avoid Burnout and Get Remarkable Results through Resiliency

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become and stay resilient during times of burnout? What if you had a formula you could rely on to pull yourself out of a rut and help you achieve the results you’re after. There is a definite process to becoming and staying resilient. In this powerful and interactive workshop, you will learn 3 proven strategies that will help you stay focused on your goals, overcome obstacles and leverage your support system so you can thrive in your career.

Debbie Field
Executive Director
Idaho Women in Leadership

Lori Otter
First Lady of Idaho, CEO
Idaho Women in Leadership

Women in Government

Join Idaho Women in Leadership as we host a panel discussion with women in elected office to learn more about what it takes to run a political campaign and lead in the public sector.

Jess Flynn
Founder & CEO
Red Sky

Speaking with Strength

Your vision, your voice and your ability to communicate both at a moment’s notice are key to success in business and leadership. While technology has enabled you to connect with anyone, anywhere and at any time – your message and your delivery matter more than ever. With more than two decades of experience in crafting stories and helping people share their voice, Jess Flynn will share tips and techniques to sharpen your public speaking skills whether one-on-one or with a group of 100-plus

Genny Heikka, MBA
Author & Founder
Her Team Success

Mentors & Sponsorship: How they help you succeed, and why you need BOTH

What’s the difference between having a mentor and a sponsor, and does it matter to your success? It turns out, it matters a lot. Both mentors and sponsors can play a critical role in your career, but the two aren’t interchangeable. While a mentor may guide you and help you gain the skills needed to make your next career move, a sponsor will be the one to advocate for you in meetings, help open the door for that promotion and be your champion. In this session, you’ll learn distinctions between mentors and sponsors and how the two types of relationships can propel you forward. You’ll also learn how to find both of these types of people in your professional and personal life, and how you can be a mentor and sponsor to others. Both roles are important and can be life-transforming; this session will help you understand how.

Heather Monahan
Confidence Creator

Switching Careers – When Life Calls for a U-Turn

Switching careers is something that Heather Monahan knows quite a lot about.  After being terminated from her C-suite position in Radio, Heather needed to make a decision to go back to what she had always done or take the biggest leap of faith and pursue her passion to elevate others.  During this workshop, Heather will pull back the curtain to expose what it takes to get ahead in business and life, how to create the confidence you need in order to make a leap into a new profession and how to find the career and path for you.

Rebecca Morgan
Director – Boise State X
Boise State University

Education with Purpose and Passion

You will not want to miss out on this session!  Idaho is a growing economic state and the education of our working population needs to grow with it.  Did you know that there are 31 million American with some college credit but no degree?  In Idaho alone, about 35% of our state has at least a 2-year degree, for women, it’s even lower.  Please join me for a discussion about education equity and our current metrics and communication to adults who need to finish what they started.  Each of us plays a part in implementing the state’s goal of 60% of Idahoans between 25-34 by 2020 holding a post-secondary certificate or degree.  It’s only with our community alliance that we can help women achieve this goal and lead Idaho into its future.  

Amber Nelson
Lingo Consulting, Inc.

Paving Your Own Path: A Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Freelancing, and Side Hustles

This interactive session provides a behind-the-scenes tour of the world of entrepreneurship, freelancing, and side hustles. We’ll go beyond the perceived glamour and power of being your own boss to the very real challenges and opportunities of paving your own professional path. We’ll look at how to decide when to put your passion to work (and when not to), how effective communication can build your brand and your business, dispel myths about the solo journey, and get real about the potential impacts to your paycheck and your personal life

Keri Steneck

Owner- Foothills Firescaping

Founder- Project Valkyrie

Recognizing Diversity, Inspiring Inclusion, and Overcoming Adversity

Diversity and Inclusion are two of the most important topics in our country and around the world. In a time of immense social, cultural, and political change recognizing and accepting diversity in our daily lives and encouraging an inclusive working environment is even more critical for success.
This presentation will cover how to recognize and identify diversity in individuals and groups without attaching stereotypes or predispositions. We will discuss the importance of recognizing diversity in personal relationships and how to work through differences in cultures and backgrounds. Using diversity to form a more cohesive, effective, unique, and challenging atmosphere for employees and supervisors. Encouraging Inclusion to create a positive and accepting work environment where constant learning and effective communication are valued for all members. Last, but not least, finding the courage to stand alone, overcome adversity, and drive forward progress.

Lynn Schmidt, PhD
Executive Coach & Author
Schmidt Leadership

Overcoming the Career Myths that Block Women’s Success 

Over two hundred women from around the world assessed twenty-one career myths, or untrue limiting beliefs, that many women have and experience during their careers. Six myths surfaced to the top as having the most negative impact on women’s careers. These myths blind women to the realities they face in the workplace and the associated realities block women’s career success. During this session, you will assess your beliefs related to these six myths and decide which myth is having the most negative impact on your career. You will determine at least one action you will take to help overcome the myth to achieve greater career satisfaction and success. 

Wyatt Schroeder
Executive Director

Rev. Sara LaWall
Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Vulnerability in Leadership: Finding Your Power and Building a Culture of Authenticity

Vulnerability is a spreading buzzword. But how does it show up in the workplace and in our leadership? It smacks of a counter-cultural way to lead, given the best-selling leadership books you see on the shelf. How do we navigate and cultivate vulnerability in ourselves and our teams, while also negotiating office politics, cultural paradigms, identity, and roles? How can leaning into vulnerability lead us to greater authenticity and help us tap into our own power? Come explore these questions in a fun, interactive space with two community leaders who do not have all the answers but love the questions. 

Melissa Warwick, CFA, CPA
Operations Manager,
Rathbone Warwick

Brooke A. Ramstad, CFP®
Rathbone Warwick

You Are Here: Navigating Your Financial Roadmap

We are all on a journey, and every journey is unique. Whether we like it or not, money is a factor in every person’s trip and there are timeless truths to help us reach our destinations. Join us as we learn these truths and how to navigate the roads and roadblocks paved by our own finances. No matter where you are on your map, you can leave knowing how to determine the ‘next right step’ for you.