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Boise State Professor Luke Fowler Discusses ‘What Makes a Well-Run City?’

Photo of Dr. Luke Fowler

Photo by Valdosta State University

School of Public Service professor Dr. Luke Fowler was recently featured in an “Ask the Experts” profile of well-run U.S. cities. The article, 2016’s Best-Run Cities in America, examined the management of 150 of America’s largest communities. Cities were ranked on indicators such as health, safety, financial stability and infrastructure.

According to Fowler, U.S. cities face challenges of growing complexity. Policy problems now require cooperation with a complicated network of local, state and federal government agencies as well as non-profits and private entities. Increased information and mobility has put cities in greater competition with each other.

In addition, Fowler discussed indicators for evaluating the quality of city governance and offered suggestions on how policymakers can use community engagement to reduce racial tensions.

Dr. Fowler teaches Policy Implementation and Practice in the Department of Public Policy and Administration. His research interests include policy implementation, energy and environmental policy, state and local government, public management, public budgeting and finance, and organizational theory. Fowler also enjoys working in consultation with local governments on issues such as fair housing, as well as compensation and scheduling studies for police and fire departments.

The city of Boise ranked first in the overall rankings of 150 cities. Boise received high marks for city services, education and safety.

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