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Faculty and Staff


Photo of Lisa Bostaph, PhD, Criminal Justice, Faculty and Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Criminal Justice

Lisa Growette Bostaph, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Library 171D
(208) 426-3886

Laura King, Ph.D.Photo of Laura King, PhD, Criminal Justice, Faculty and Coordinator of Undergraduate Program in Criminal Justice

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
Library 166G
(208) 426-4146

Shaun Gann, Ph.D.Photo fo Sean Gann

Assistant Professor
Library 171E
(208) 426-4139

Jacqueline Lee, J.D., of Jacqueline Lee

Assistant Professor
Library 171F
(208) 426-4145

Andrew Giacomazzi, Ph.D.Photo of Andrew Giacomazzi, PhD, School of Public Service Associate Dean, Faculty in Criminal Justice

Professor, Associate Dean SPS
Library 166
(208) 426-1368

Lane Gillespie, Ph.D.Photo of Lane Gillespie, PhD, Criminal Justice, Faculty

Assistant Professor
Library 171C
(208) 426-5462

Photo of Cody Jorgensen, PhD

Cody Jorgensen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Library 166H

Anthony Walsh, Ph.D.Photo of Anthony Walsh, PhD, Criminal Justice, Faculty

Library 166C
(208) 426-3240

Jessica Wells, Ph.D.Photo of Jessica Wells

Assistant Professor
Library 166D
(208) 426-3419




Dan Dexheimer, M.A.Photo of Dan Dexheimer

Library 165
(208) 426-4131

Photo of Marianne Hudson, Criminal Justice, Lecturer

Marianne Hudson, M.A.

Library 171B
(208) 426-1333

Marc Ruffinengo, M.A.Photo of Marc Ruffinengo, Criminal Justice, Lecturer

Library 166E
(208) 426-4472

Danielle Swerin, M.A.

Library 165
(208) 426-4131



Stephanie MoranPhoto of Stephanie Moran

Administrative Assistant II
Library 166B
(208) 426-4114

photo of Jim KernsJim Kerns

Internship Coordinator
Library 166F
(208) 426-3451