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Marc Ruffinengo, M.A.


Marc Ruffinengo has been with the Department of Criminal Justice since 2013 and mostly instructs courses in research methods, criminological theory, and policing issues. He also infrequently teaches courses in criminal law & procedure and is a regular instructor in the university foundations program, teaching UF 200. He holds an M.A. from Boise State University and a B.S. from the University of Pittsburgh.

His research interests center around police personnel issues and criminological theory.


M.A., Criminal Justice (2008).  Boise State University.
B.S., Natural Sciences (2005).  University of Pittsburgh.


Refereed Journal Articles:

White, M.D., Mellow, J., Englander, K., & Ruffinengo, M. (2010).  Halfway back: An alternative to revocation for technical parole violators.  Criminal Justice Policy Review, 12, 1-27.

Kenney, D.J., White, M.D., & Ruffinengo, M. (2010).  Expanding the role of patrol in criminal investigations: Houston’s investigative first responder project.  Police Quarterly, 13, 136-160.

Book Review:

Ruffinengo, M. (2010). Criminal justice theory: Explaining the nature and behavior of criminal justice.  International Criminal Justice Review, 20, 86-87.

Selected Works of Marc Ruffinengo:

Marc Ruffinengo CV