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Foundation Series

photo of police planning

The following foundation courses are required of all CJ graduate students. It is recommended that these courses are taken prior to other graduate work.

CJ 501 Crime and Criminal Justice (3-0-3) (F) This class locates the profession of criminal justice within historical, theoretical, and political perspectives. The class will focus on contemporary theoretical perspectives, including sociological, social-psychological, biosocial, cultural, genetic, linguistic, and evolutionary.  The nature and scope of the discipline are defined through the discussion of the relationships among theory, policy, and practice.

CJ 503 Criminal Justice Research (3-0-3) (F) Basic methods of quantitative and qualitative research and their application to the field. The relationship among theory, research, and social policy. The development and interpretation of research reports.

CJ 504 Statistics for Criminal Justice (3-0-3) (S) Statistical analysis. Univariate and introductory multivariate techniques. Use of computerized statistical packages in the social and behavioral sciences. Statistical problem-solving using various data sources. PREREQ: Undergraduate statistics.

CJ 506 Theories of Crime (3-0-3) (F) Major explanations of crime and its control. Efforts toward an integration of existing approaches are explored and consideration of the development of general theory is discussed.

CJ513  Victimology (3-0-3) (S of even years) An exploration of the theory, research, and practices related to crime victimization. The role of victims in the crime triangle, prevalence of various forms of victimization, the effects of crime on its victims, and the criminal justice/social services response to victimization will be discussed.