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Seminar Series

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CJ graduate students are required to complete nine credits (3 courses) from the following list of courses:

CJ 502 Seminar: Organization and Management of Criminal Justice (3-0-3) (S) The structures, functions, and operations of criminal justice organizations are analyzed. Issues within these areas are approached with attention to their cultural, social, and political implications. The relationship between formal and informal structures and their social, political, and legal environment is examined.

CJ 505 Seminar: Law and Social Control (3-0-3) (F of odd years) A focus on the nature of law and legal institutions and the relationships between law and other forms of social control. Theory and research on the development of law and its implementation at various stages of the legal process is reviewed.

CJ 507 Seminar: Issues in Contemporary Policing (3-0-3) (S of even years) In-depth consideration of issues affecting policing today. Police organization, management and leadership, policy formulation, community policing and related issues are among the topics considered. Particular attention will focus on the role of police officers in a changing society.

CJ 508 Seminar: The Legal Process (3-0-3) (F of even years) Consideration of specific aspects of criminal adjudication, including prosecution and defense, bail determination, plea-bargaining, jury decision-making, and alternative sentencing practices. Specific subject matter will vary by semester.

CJ 509 Seminar: Juvenile Justice (3-0-3) (S of odd years) A detailed examination of the historical development and current practices of juvenile courts and juvenile correctional institutions. Research on program evaluation is presented, with an emphasis on developments in delinquency theory as related to practice.

CJ 512 Seminar: Gender and Justice (3-0-3) (S of odd years) An exploration of the theory, research, and practice related to women’s involvement in the justice system in the United States. Analysis will be directed toward the various roles and treatment of women as offenders, victims/survivors, and practitioners in the system.

CJ 514 Seminar:  Contemporary Issues in Corrections (3-0-3) (F of odd years) In-depth consideration of issues affecting corrections today. Correctional organization, management and leadership, policy formulation, institutional and community corrections and related issues are among the topics considered. The contribution of rehabilitative and deterrent philosophies to corrections provides a backdrop to a consideration of the diverse contemporary perspectives on corrections.

CJ 515 Seminar:  Critical Issues in Criminal Justice (3-0-3) (F of even years) An exploration of a current or emerging issue affecting crime and/or the criminal justice system. Detailed focus on one topic of the instructor’s choice per course offering.