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Capstone Projects

photo of students with bees

The Environmental Studies Capstone Project (ENVSTD 491/492) is a two-semester (three credit, total) group research project. The Capstone Project meets the Finishing Foundation (FF) requirements for the Foundational Studies Program. All capstone projects have an external sponsor, and culminate with a poster presentation at the (spring) Undergraduate Research Conference at BSU. Past project sponsors have included the National Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, and the U.S. Green Building Council, to name but a few. In addition to their capstone project participation, many ENVSTD 491/492 students conduct internships with their sponsoring agency.


College of Health Sciences Environmental Sustainability Report
Holly Catt, James Pavelek, Joel Matheson, and Tasha Smagula

Solvent Alternatives
Chelsy Melander, Conner Grossman, Sam Cooper, and Jordan Lemons

Garrett Young, Jake Cordtz, Johnny Whittemore, and Josh Walters

Stormwater GIS Project
Athena Brown, Ed Graves, and Sarah Hurt

GreenGame Recycling Project
Austin Valceshini, Jacob Cryer, Kevin Brizzi, and Taylor West

Earth Week Organizing Project
Gina Sturiale, Patrick Baker, Sarah Boyd, and Tyler Tahmann

E3 Sustainability & Process Improvement Project
Elissa Day, Kit Woras, and Tucker Feyder

Vehicle Idling Reduction at Treasure Valley Elementary Schools
Chance Covillon, Lynn Cronin, Trace Blackstone, and Tyana Weaver

Brownfields Project
Alex Mark, Amy Kent, Evan Pierce, and Max Duffy

Boise State University Bee Team
Courtnie Carter, Jamie Lynch, and Jerrad Nelson


Brewery Sustainability and Process Improvement
Emily Berg, Conner Thorsen, and Corey Wageman

Boise Urban Garden School Design Project
Ashlynn Goody, Brittany Crewse, and Chris Manning

Idling Awareness at Elementary Schools
Dani Niswander and Brandon Sims

Lifecycle Analysis of Lunch Waste in Boise Schools
Brianna Strodtbeck, Case Hegg-James, Marissa Burton, and Wyatt Edgerton

Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway Management Plan
Michelle DeBard, Elise Thiel, and Brian Crowley

United States Green Building Council Discovery Center Project
Christopher Pacold and Kellie Joyce

Highway 21 Interpretive Video Project
Jennifer Higgins, John Cole, and Richard Martinez

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Site Analysis in Downtown Boise
Sara Kososik, Anders Pace, and Azad Mohammed


Blacks Creek Bird Reserve: Outdoor Classroom and Service Learning Proposal
Kristin Araki, Nick Bevers, Maren Watkins, and Shaun Wheeler

Boise River Phosphorous Loading & Community Outreach Program
Ben Blamires, Kamay Emele, Matt Kintol, and Jason Kittridge

Mores Creek Watershed Restoration
Sarah Sneider and Joe Thiessen

Solutions for Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Boise River
Matthew Date, Cassidy Eby, Emily McClintock

Boise State Pop-Up Farmer’s Market
Russell Bridges, Joseph Rush, and Kodi Sims

Solar Lighting at Boise State University
Michelle Gordon, Toby Mogavero, Emily Montague, and Lindsey Walters

Pharmaceutical Hazardous Waste
Wesley Koster, Kyla Griffin, and Marc Callister


Boise State University Bike Share Program
Lela Work, Pete Gardner, and Kyle DeGoey

Vermiculture at Boise State University
Katy Hudson, Nancy Simonds, Kimberly Tate, and Sara Meyer

Water Conservation Techniques in Municipal Landscaping
Max Showers, Christine Hummer, and Corey Courchane

A Capacity Analysis for the Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers
Mykal Eden and Christine Raininger

Reducing Water Use Through Behavioral Changes in Residential Landscaping Practices in Arid Parts of Idaho
Colleen Asher and Marc Cnossen


Proposal For Carbon Neutrality Policy At BSU
Dixie Brown, Sarah Cross, Chase Cusack, Brock Lipple, and Jordan Scott

Green Hub in the SUB
William Hunt, Julian Lindsay, Quinn McDonald, Kyle Robb, and Riki Sears

Transportation at Boise State University
Cord Roth, Austin Owens, Cass Jones, Paul Augustine, and Brittany Crossen


Resource Conservation Through Landscape Techniques
Dakota Lynch, Ajara Dias, and Camille Kirkpatrick

Examination of the Energy Usage by Computers and Associated Peripherals on the BSU Campus
Lynn Bartlett

The Water’s Fine
Lori Gibbs

Feasibility Study: Vermicomposting at Boise State University
Samantha Hobdey, Scott Sievers, and Chris Robison

Night Class Redistribution to Reduce Energy Consumption
Billie Laughtland