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Courses and Degree Checklist

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FALL 2017

GLOBAL-101: Conflict, Cooperation & Change

  • 001 (75991) T/Th 1:30-2:45: Lisa Meierotto
  • 002 (75992) M/W 12-1:15: John Ysursa
  • 003 (76068) T/Th 9-10:15: Lisa Meierotto

GLOBAL-200: Cultural & Political Change Through Film

  • 001 (75993) W 3-5:45: Micah Wright
  • 002 (75994) T 3-5:45: Gautam Basu Thakur

The Global Studies degree utilizes a transdisciplinary approach that affords students insight into today’s interconnected world from unique and varied perspectives. The disciplinary diversity of the three dozen faculty affiliates in the program facilitates this approach.

Global Studies benefits students both personally (a systematic approach to learn about others as well as themselves) and professionally, syncing well with the job market priorities established by the Career Center at Boise State University and its “Make College Count” initiative that identifies key employer-sought graduate skills.

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