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About IPI

Beautiful view of Boise downtown and Idaho Capitol on a fine autumn evening as seen from Capitol Blvd, Boise, Idaho, USA

The strength of Idaho’s economy and our communities depends on leaders and elected officials having the tools needed to make informed decisions. Effective policy development and implementation also depends on independent and objective research, rigorous analysis, and robust discussion.

The Idaho Policy Institute leverages the expertise and existing resources of Boise State University to facilitate exactly this, helping state and local leaders develop innovative solutions to pressing challenges.

As an independent source of research and analysis for decision-makers throughout Idaho, the Institute utilizes economic impact studies, demographic research, and implementation of high quality opinion surveys to stimulate constructive discussions about innovative solutions to community concerns among the public, private and nonprofit sectors.  IPI also serves as a resource  to connect organizations with any number of experts in a variety of disciplines across the School of Public Service and the University.

IPI is guided by five core principles:

  • Research Integrity
  • Community Responsiveness
  • Educational Impact
  • Collaboration
  • Public Engagement

These principles drive our work and ensure we meet the School of Public Service’s directive to embody the role of public servants.