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Cheongsin Kim, PhD

Photo of Cheongsin KimCheongsin Kim, PhD, is an assistant research professor in the Boise State University School of Public Service. Cheong joined Boise State as a visiting assistant professor in August of 2014 and began working with the Idaho Policy Institute in August of 2017.  Before joining Boise State, he worked as a research associate for the Bedrosian Center on Governance at the University of Southern California.

Cheong studied at Korea University (Bachelor of Public Administration), and Seoul National University (MPA), where he won an academic top honors award at graduation. He received his PhD degree in Policy, Planning, and Development from the University of Southern California in 2013 with specialization in public management. His dissertation examined fiscal outcomes of localities in California. Fascinated by how greatly institutions, i.e., rules, regulations, norms, and established organizations, shape human lives, he developed a serious interest in them. Drawing on institutional theory, he studies various areas of public administration – fiscal politics, service delivery, or environmental policy.

Cheong’s work in Public Budgeting and Finance (2015) illustrates how the effects of economic recessions on contracting are moderated by different institutional arrangements of government. Another work, which explores what types of plans and policy actions for climate protection/energy sustainability localities tend to promote, can be found in the Journal of Environmental Planning and Management (Forthcoming). He is currently finishing a manuscript that tackles why government often fails to act timely over the case of fiscal behavior in response to an economic crisis.

In his spare time, Cheong likes to travel Idaho and its neighboring states. At home, he enjoys watching musicals, old and new, and tasting a variety of tea produced from different regions.