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Who is eligible to apply?

NEW Leadership™ Idaho is open to undergraduate students enrolled in any Idaho college or university and Idaho residents enrolled in out-of-state schools. We strongly encourage women of color and nontraditional college women to apply.  Each NEW Leadership™ class includes women from diverse socioeconomic, ethnic, racial and educational backgrounds.

What qualifications do you look for in successful applicants?

Demonstrated leadership experience in your campus or community and a commitment to expanding knowledge about politics and civic engagement are primary considerations.  We look for participants with diverse backgrounds and experiences who will contribute to the knowledge of the group by offering different perspectives.

Does it matter what my major is?

No, past participants from programs across the country have represented a wide range of majors including; music, biology, business, social work, education, criminal justice, women and gender studies, and political science.  There is no specific academic profile for the successful NEW Leadership™ participant.

Where does the program take place?

Most of the program sessions will be held on the campus of Boise State University in Boise, Idaho.  The program will also include sessions downtown and in the state capitol.

Can I take classes or work during NEW Leadership?

No.  NEW Leadership™ Idaho is a full-time residential program, and participants are required to participate in all sessions and activities and reside on the Boise State University campus for the entire program.

Do I have to stay in the dorms, even if I live close to campus?

Yes.  All NEW Leadership™ participants are required to stay in the dorms during the program.  The residential requirement is crucial to sustaining the program focus and helps develop strong bonds among the participants.

Can I have visitors during the week?

Technically, yes, but practically speaking, don’t count on it! NEW Leadership is an immersion program and having a friend (or friends) over mitigates this element. Not only that but we are in session until 8:00 most nights and then you will likely have group work to do.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to students.  Participating schools are asked to pay a $500 program fee for each student attending NEW Leadership™ Idaho.  The actual cost of the program averages $1,000 per student.  NEW is supported by donations and by Boise State’s School of Public Service.

Who should I contact at my school?

Most Idaho schools have a primary contact that can help answer questions about the program. You can also contact your Advisor or Department Chair. If you need help finding a contact at your school, feel free to call us at 208-426-5488.

What if I am accepted and change my mind or am unable to attend? Can my school get a refund?

Each student who is accepted must confirm their attendance at least three weeks before the program begins, at which time your school will be billed. Cancellations made two weeks prior to the first date of the program will be credited back to the sponsoring University at 50%; Cancellations made within two weeks of the program are non-refundable; however, the school can choose to apply the payment toward a student attending the following year’s program.

If you have additional questions please contact Cathe Scott at (208) 426-5488 or