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In Their Own Words – Class of 2018

Students at capitol steps

Review of student feedback. (pdf)

The final assignment that students of NEW Leadership complete is a media project. This can be a blog, podcast or video highlighting their experience. The links below are a sampling of some of the student’s work. Please note, the following links may not be ADA compliant. If you would like additional information, please call Cathe Scott at (208) 426-5488 or email Cathe Scott.


Carole Dobrowolski

C’Line Duff

Lydia Flores

Andrea Good

Mackenzie Lloyd

Kayla Parnin

Camie Pena

McKenna Rackleff

Hadley Reeves

Amber Reynolds-Smith

Dzenita Spiodic

Eliza Walton

Savannah Willits


Morgan Brummund

Alejandra Hernandez

Haylee Hochalter

Daiana Ruth

Justiniano Serrano

Kamilla Niska

Hannah Sturtevant

Ariana Suaste

Lindsay Virgin