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Partner Colleges

Any Idaho resident who is currently a college undergraduate or any non-resident who attends an out of state school is eligible to attend. This includes students who graduated in Winter of 2016 and those planning to graduate in Spring of 2017. The program is open to any applicant identifying as female. The following schools have committed to supporting the program and may have funds available for students.

Boise State Logo
Lori Hausegger
Department Chair, Political Science

College of Idaho logo
Jen Nelson
Director of Residence Life

College of Southern Idaho logo

Perri Gardner
Faculty Advisor, Diversity Council

College of Western Idaho logo
David Michener
Director, Student Engagement and Success

Idaho State logo
Brooke Barber
LEAD Center

Lewis Clark College logo
Mary Flores
Dean for Academic Programs

North Idaho College logo
Heather Erikson
Assistant Director, Student Development

University of Idaho logo
Lynsie Clott
Student Engagement Coordinator