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The PoliSci Newsletter

The Canadian Politics Section of APSA


A Message from the President

The Canadian Politics Section celebrates scholarship on Canadian politics, comparative analysis of Canada and the United States, and cross-cultural studies of Canada and other countries of Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

We are elections specialists, policy analysts, scholars of the legislative process and executive politics, and every other subfield, whose research and teaching interests include Canada.

The Canadian Politics Section is a venue where you can submit papers, discuss research, and interact with like-minded academics.

We are eclectic, and invite political scientists of all methodological and theoretical approaches–empirical, normative, and historical–to join our ranks.

Please add your voice as a member of the Canadian Politics Section.

If you have any questions or comments, I look forward to hearing from you.


D. Munroe Eagles

Professor of Political Science
State University of New York, Buffalo
President, Canadian Politics Section, APSA

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