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Jaclyn Kettler

Kettler_Jaclyn2-200x200Jaclyn Kettler was quoted in a Boise State Public Radio story about why so many Idahoans registered as Republicans this year. Kettler notes that at the time of the March primary, the race for the Republican presidential nominee was still competitive. She also pointed to the closed primary issue that required people to identify with a specific party. What’s less clear, she said, is how this will affect GOP operations going forward. The story, Idaho GOP Boasts Highest Turnout For Presidential Primary, Looks Ahead To May 17, can be read here.

Kettler also provided insight into the practice of candidates raising money for unopposed races. Kettler noted that some of the money raised often goes to help candidates running for other positions, in a show of team support. That story was aired on KBOI and can be read at this link.

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