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The PoliSci Newsletter

Professor Steven Feldstein Presented to Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Stephen FeldsteinSteven Feldstein presented a three-session course at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute to over 100 Osher members on the Statecraft in a Turbulent World during September. The course explored core principles of statecraft including power in the contemporary system, reputation and deterrence, lessons in decision making, and best practices in negotiation, coercion and grand strategy. The course also looked at specific examples of statecraft ranging from Cold War containment and deterrence to cyber warfare and economic statecraft.

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Dr. Ross Burkhart Quoted by PolitiFact

Ross BurkartRoss Burkhart was quoted in an article published by PolitiFact, a news service that assesses the accuracy of statements by public officials. This particular article, “Has U.S. racked up $2 trillion in trade deficits since NAFTA began?” addresses a statement made by President Trump: “Since NAFTA’s adoption, the United States racked up trade deficits totaling more than $2 trillion.”

Burkhart added context to the statement, noting that benefits of NAFTA include the marked increase in trade volumes, in particular U.S. exports entering the NAFTA markets to a much greater extent.

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Dr. Nisha Bellinger Published by Academic Journal

Nisha BellingerNisha Bellinger had an article published in the Sept. 24 edition of the journal Political Studies. “Political Parties and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows among Developing Countries” was co-authored with Byunghwan Son of George Mason University.

The article focuses on the nature of party systems to explain variations in foreign direct investment in developing democracies.

It also suggests that a larger number of parties represent diverse interests better, reducing the chances of underrepresented groups driving instability.

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Dr. Jaclyn Kettler Interviewed by KTVB

Dr. Jaclyn KettlerDr. Jaclyn Kettler was interviewed by KTVB’s Morgan Boydston in a Sept. 18 report on the departure of three high-profile staffers from Paulette Jordan’s gubernatorial campaign.

Kettler told KTVB that bringing in new staff so close to the election could be a setback. “It takes time; you have to hire new staff, get them on board, you have to catch them up and get them rolling. So you do lose some time.”

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Professor Nisha Bellinger Published an Article in The Conversation

Nisha Bellinger

Professor Nisha Bellinger published an article in The Conversation on August 27th. Her article, “India has a sexual assault problem that only women can fix,” notes that India is the world’s most dangerous country for sexual violence against women.

Bellinger’s research suggests that one of the reasons India has not been able to effectively address crimes against women is the lack of women in national political office. Research shows that having women in government can lead to more and better laws to safeguard women’s well-being.

Professor Gary Moncrief Ran Workshop for State Legislators

This August, University Distinguished Professor emeritus Gary Moncrief, conducted workshops at a leadership development program for state legislators at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. The program is sponsored by the Council of State Governments.

POLS Student Amy Krutz Participated in the Asia Global Biztech Program

Political Science student Amy Krutz participated in the Asia Global Biztech Program. The program, the first of its kind at Boise State, was hosted by the College of Business and Economics with collaboration from the College of Engineering and the School of Public Service. Students studied history, political economy, business, culture and language at Providence University in Taichung, Taiwan, then fanned out across the island. They served month-long internships at Taiwanese firms specializing in a range of fields, from robotics, to artificial intelligence and research. Read a full description of the program here. Congratulations, Amy!

Boise State Political Science Graduate Featured on Boise State Public Radio

Dom GelsominoPolitical Science alum Dom Gelsomino was interviewed on Idaho Matters. The show, broadcast on Boise State Public Radio, hosts programs aimed at creating a respectful dialogue between people with different ideas and allows the exchange of ideas. The July 11 edition discusses Mr. Gelsomino’s recent address at the Idaho Republican Party convention to as the state GOP to abandon its position on gay marriage and to demonstrate more tolerance and inclusion. Listen to the interview with Dom Gelsomino here.

Ross Burkhart Quoted in PolitiFact Article

Ross BurkartRoss Burkhart was quoted in an article recently published by PolitiFact, a news service that assesses the accuracy of statements by public officials. The article, “Is U.S. wine barred from Canadian supermarkets,” addresses a trade question between the U.S. and Canada. Burkhart provided some context for the claim about the sale of U.S. wine in Canada.

“The U.S. exports almost as much wine to Canada as to the E.U., with about a tenth of the population in Canada compared to that of the E.U.,” Burkhart explained in the article.

Issac Castellano Awarded Student Organization Advisor of the Year

Photo of Isaac CastellanoIsaac Castellano, Political Science professor and advisor of Pi Sigma Alpha, the Political Science Association, and Young Americans for Freedom, was recognized at the Campus Awards ceremony on April 19 as the Student Organization Advisor of the Year. Nominees for this award are exemplary mentors, teachers and coaches to their students, and challenge their students not to accept what is, but explore what could be. All Campus Award nominees are referred by students, faculty and/or staff of the Boise State community.