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The PoliSci Newsletter

Freemuth to Talk at Boise 150 Speaker Series Oct. 17

Boise_150_LogoPolitical science professor John Freemuth will speak on Thursday, Oct. 17, as part of the Boise 150 Sesqui-Speaks series. He will address “Science, Democracy and Boise’s Environmental Future” at 5:30 p.m. at the Foothills Learning Center at 3188 Sunset Peak Road in Boise. The event is free and open to the public.

Freemuth’s research and teaching emphasis is on environmental, natural resource, and public land policy and administration. He is the author of an award-winning book, as well as numerous articles on various aspects of environmental policy. He also co-edited a book now under revision from University of Colorado Press, titled “Environmental Politics and Policy in the West,” with Zachary Smith. 

John Freemuth, Political Science, Beyond the Blue website photo, Carrie QuinneyHe has authored 10 Andrus Center white papers on public land policy, which were based on Center conferences, and was chair of the former science advisory board for the Bureau of Land Management. He also has taught high school and served as a seasonal park ranger. He has a bachelor’s degree from Pomona College, and a Ph.D from Colorado State University. He was named the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching/CAES Professor of the Year for Idaho for 2001.

Sesqui-Speaks is part of the Boise 150 program led by the Boise City Department of Arts & History. Learn more at

Cited: Read about Dr. Freemuth’s Boise 150 talk in Update Your source for campus news, 10/2

Congratulations 2013-14 Scholarship Recipients!

The Political Science Department would like to congratulate all of the 2013-14 scholarship recipients on their hard work and achievement.

Frank Church Public Service Scholarship
Christopher Bower
Aspen Compton
Larry Nielsen

Dr. John Keiser Public Affairs Scholarship
Lauren Bramwell

Dr. Willard Overgaard Political Science Scholarship
Michelle Wilson

Political Science Scholarship
Marissa Brakes
Lauren Bramwell
Aspen Compton
Kalikai Declements
Davita Eicher
Robert Jones
Ryan Linnarz
Sally Sargeant
Verona Schaller
Cassandra Solmonsen
Michelle Wilson
Kenneth Winkleman

Political Science/ English Scholarship
Kenneth Winkleman

Gregory & Christine Raymond Political Science Scholarship
Alexander Belisle

Stephanie Witt Political Science Scholarship
Marissa Brakes

Justin Vaughn Interviewed by KSRO- Sonoma County

Justin VaughnDr. Justin Vaughn of the Department of Political Science was recently interviewed by KSRO-Sonoma County about the political implications of the government shutdown, including how the stand-off might shape the political fortunes of Senator Ted Cruz and the Republican Party.



John Freemuth was quoted in The Tennessean

Freemuth225x300 John Freemuth, professor of political science, was quoted in The Tennessean about the public land fracking debate. Freemuth noted that conflicts are only going to become more common as oil and gas reserves are discovered in new areas. Read the story here.

“John Freemuth” (44) Update, Your source for campus news, 9/30/2013  |  The Tennessean, 9/30

John Freemuth was quoted in the Missoula Independent

Freemuth 100x100 Political scientist John Freemuth was quoted in a story in the Missoula Independent about the challenges faced by forest managers in returning public lands to their natural state.  Freemuth commented on the role of, and public perception of, the U.S. Forest Service in regard to forest management. Read “Scary Prognosis” here.

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Brian Wampler publishes article in The Blue Review

Brian Wampler, chair of the Department of Political Science, penned “Power to Participate: Engaging citizens in urban planning.” In it, he argues that citizen involvement in public life is “vital to the vibrancy of any metropolitan region.” Read “Power to Participate” here.

CITED:”Power to Participate” The Blue Review, 9/18/13

Scott Yenor was interviewed about Obamacare

Yenor250x325 Political scientist Scott Yenor was interviewed by about Obamacare. Yenor discussed what he believes will be the likely fiscal impact of the federal law, as well as how the state-based insurance exchange may operate. Read “BSU Professor Calls Obamacare Deal with the Devil” here.


Grant to Aid Research in Land Management Decisions

John Freemuth, Political Science, Beyond the Blue website photo, Carrie Quinney A $280,000 grant from the US Geological Survey titled “U.S. Protected Areas Data Aggregation and Analyses to Inform Critical Conservation and Land Management Decisions” will allow political science and public policy professor John Freemuth to continue his and his team’s work on the improvement of key mapping data useful to land management at all levels in the United States and North America.Several key activities for the grant include:

  • Assisting the USGS on the North American Intergovernmental Committee on Cooperation for Wilderness and Protected Area Conservation (NAWPA Committee) to publish a North American Protected Areas Map
  • Working with federal and state agencies (including USGS) and non-governmental organizations to assess the status of recreation and other protected areas data in state GIS systems and develop a plan to complement the PAD-US inventory with additional recreation lands
  • Analyzing and reporting how PAD-US data might be used in consideration of a National Conservation Strategy

“What we hope to do this year is develop a strategic plan for the program’s growth, consider the utility of a national conservation strategy and develop better mapping and data for both recreation and wilderness management at all levels,” said Freemuth.

CITED: “Grant to Aid Research in Land Management Decisions” Update, Your source for campus news: 9/3/11

John Freemuth co-authored an article for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Preservation Leadership Forum

Freemuth 100x100 Political science professor John Freemuth wrote an article with his wife, Sheri, for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Preservation Leadership Forum. The piece is based on their recollections of Boise over the past three decades. The article is adapted from an essay written for Boise@OneFiveZero in honor of Boise’s sesquicentennial celebration. Read the Preservation Leadership Forum blog here.

CITED: “John Freemuth” (42) Update, Your source for campus news 9/11/2013 | National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Preservation Leadership Forum : 9/11/13

Justin Vaughn was elected to Presidents & Executive Politics during the APSA Conference

Vaughn_Justin  Justin Vaughn, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science, recently was elected to the board of the Presidents & Executive Politics section during the American Political Science Association’s annual meeting. His co-editorship (with John Hudak of the Brookings Institution) of the “Presidents & Executive Politics Report” also was renewed.

Vaughn also organized, on behalf of the APSA’s Committee on Teaching & Learning, a half-day seminar on teaching the presidency. The seminar featured nearly a dozen experts from across the country and represented institutions ranging from California community colleges and selective liberal arts schools to comprehensive metropolitan public universities and elite institutions such as Vanderbilt University.

CITED: “Justin Vaughn” (11) Update, Your source for campus news: 9/10/13