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The PoliSci Newsletter

School of Public Service’s New Global Studies Program

photo of boise state campusThe Idaho State Board of Education has approved a new Global Studies undergraduate program at Boise State University. The global studies program in the School of Public Service will emphasize world language proficiency, global literacy and study abroad. The program will officially launch in fall 2017. School of Public Service Dean Corey Cook says, “The mission of the School of Public Service includes a regional, national and international focus, but we’ve been missing the international piece.” The Global Studies program serves to fill that gap. Read Boise State’s news update on the Global Studies program for more information.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update, SPS 2/17/2017

Gary Moncrief Featured in Boise State Public Radio Report

photo of Gary MoncreifDr. Gary Moncrief of the Department of Political Science was featured in a Boise State Public Radio report by Samantha Wright titled “The Power of Committee Chairs in the Idaho Statehouse.” In the feature Dr. Moncrief discussed the three types of lawmakers that make up state legislatures, particularly the power of committee chairs in the Idaho Statehouse. Read and listen to the feature here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 2/10/17, Boise State Public Radio 2/10/2017

Brian Wampler Interviewed for KBOI Story

brian wamplerProfessor Brian Wampler was interviewed for a story released by KBOI titled “BSU political professor on US, Mexico relations: ‘It’s an unprecedented turn'” about US, Mexico trade. The story discusses the United States’, and Idaho in particular, reliance on Mexico for sources of low-income labor and trade. View the full story on KBOI.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 1/27/2017, KBOI Channel 2 News 1/26/2017

Dr. Scott Yenor’s Book Review for Library of Law and Liberty

Scott Yenor, Political Science, studio portraitDr. Scott Yenor wrote a review of End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction by Henry T. Greely for the Library of Law and Liberty titled “A Modest Proposal to Create a New Humanity”. The book theorizes that “Easy PGD” (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) will soon replace sexual reproduction as the primary way the human species propagates. Read Dr. Scott Yenor’s review here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 1/17/2017Library of Law and Liberty 1/17/2017

Justin Vaughn quoted in Marie Claire Article

PJustin Vaughnrofessor Justin Vaughn was quoted in a Marie Claire article titled “Here’s How Much Power Trump *Actually* Has as President” about which claims President Elect Donald Trump will actually be able to carry out. Vaughn notes that to conduct large scale projects, such as a wall along the Southern border of the U.S. or invade foreign lands, he’ll need to ask Congress for the funds. But on the topic of immigration, he does have the authority to ban immigrants from certain nations without Congressional approval. Read the full article here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 11/16/2016, Marie Claire 11/16/16


Justin Vaughn Quoted about Teaching the Election

Justin Vaughn, Associate Professor for the Department of Political Science, was quoted in a KBOI Channel 2 story about teaching about the 2016 Presidential Campaign in the classroom. Vaughn says there are ways to talk about the candidates without personal feelings getting involved. Read more about teaching the 2016 Presidential Campaign here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 10/20/16, KBOI 10/19/2016

PSA Debate Watch Party

The Political Science Association (PSA) hosted a debate watch party in the common area of the Student Union Building. The event was covered by KIVI Channel 6 News, and includes interviews with several students and the PSA President and Vice President. Issac Castellano announced that there will by another watch party for the final debate on October 19th. All students and faculty are welcome to attend.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update, Watch Party 10/10/16, KIVI TV, 10/10/16

Dr. Allen’s Podcast and Article for Journal of Conflict Resolution

Michael Allen, Political Science, studio portraitMichael Allen, Associate Professor for the Department of Political Science, recently recorded a podcast for the Journal of Conflict Resolution titled “The Influence of Regional Power Distributions on Interdependence”. The podcast is in tandem with the article Allen wrote for the Journal of Conflict Resolution that was published late last month.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 10/3/16, SAGE Journals 9/28/16

Dr. Greg Raymond Quoted by Serbian Press

Political Science Professor Greg Raymond was quoted in Danas, Greg Raymond, Political Science, studio portraita Serbian Press, on the political conflict surrounding the upcoming referendum in Bosnia. Particularly, he comments on the Dayton Agreement. Read the Danas article here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 9/26/16, Danas 9/23/16

Issac Castellano on Peace Through Partnership

Political Science Lecturer, Issac Castellano, authored a paper titled Castellano“Peace Through Partnership: IGO Membership and Military Spending” that was published in this month’s edition of the International Journal on World Peace. In it, Castellano discusses how states’ membership in non-security IGOs effects military spending. Read the full Peace Through Partnership article here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 9/21/16, IJWP September 2016 Edition