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The PoliSci Newsletter

Jeffrey Lyons Quoted in Inverse Article

Capture2Assistant Professor Jeffrey Lyons was quoted in an article about how competing social influences affect political beliefs over the course of a lifetime. The article is titled, “Like States, American Families Are Blue and Red“ and examines parental and spousal influence on partisan identity.

Scot Yenor Published in Clairmont Review of Books

Scott Yenor, Political Science, studio portraitScott Yenor, professor in the Political Science Department at Boise State University, has published a thought-provoking article entitled “Up from Polygamy” in the Clairmont Review of Books.
“Most animals and most cultures are, according to Barash, polygamous. The “ghosts of polygamy” survives in our genes. Western peoples, especially, have embraced monogamy. Polygamy leads to a war within and between the sexes, while monogamy leads to “shared interests,” “male-female equality and mutual flourishing.” The arc of biological and cultural evolution bends toward monogamy.”

More about “Up From Polygamy” can be found here.

John Freemuth Quoted on

Photo-Freemuth,JohnJohn Freemuth was quoted in a story on the website about the efforts of Native tribes within Utah’s Bears Ears area to preserve the area as a national monument. Freemuth noted that the proposal is “is especially interesting because it involves Native American tribes, which have historically been excluded or marginalized from the discussion around such designations.”

He went on to say that the Antiquities Act is now being used to help “complete the American story” in new areas, including gay rights, women’s rights, and WWII internment camps.

“There’s many ways to tell a story,” said Freemuth. “The park service is increasingly trying to tell the whole story, and I think they’re doing a good job of it.”

Read the story “Can a trove of Native American ruins be saved from eBay and ‘white people’ ideology?”

Freemuth also is referenced in a Utah Review story about Bears Ears and the historical importance of the area to local tribes. In that reference, Freemuth noted that the Antiquities Act is being used to “complete the American story.” Read the article about Edge of Morning here.

Justin Vaughn Interviewed by the Idaho Business Review

VaughnJ-1209-150x150Associate professor Justin Vaughn was recently featured as one of Idaho Business Review’s “Accomplished Under 40”. The article discusses Dr. Vaughn’s contributions not only to programs within the School of Public Service, but to the community as a whole. Read Dr. Vaughn’s interview here.

Justin Vaughn Published in New York Times

VaughnJ-1209-150x150Just in time for our presidential contenders to announce their running mates, associate professor Justin Vaughn, who also acts as the co-director of the Center for Idaho History and Politics, recently published an op-ed in the New York Times titled, “How to Be a Great Vice President.”

In the article, Vaughn polls a number of political science professionals and junkies about the best and worst vice presidents, with the best described as men who “oversaw radical transformations of the institution of the vice presidency.”


Scott Yenor Published on The Daily Signal

Scott Yenor, Political Science, studio portraitProfessor Scott Yenor recently published the article “What Liberals Get Wrong About the Family” on the Daily Signal blog. This article discusses how liberals view autonomy, and the effects this can have on marriage and family life.

Justin Vaughn article in New York Times

Associate Professor Justin Vaughn recently penned an article Justin Vaughn, Political Science, studio portraitin the New York Times. The article, titled “How to Be a Great Vice President” discusses greatest and least-great vice presidents of the modern era.

Raymond Quoted in Serbian Paper

Image 1Distinguished Professor Emeritus Gregory Raymond was quoted in an article published in the Serbian newspaper “Today” on the topic of possible NATO expansion in the Balkans. The Serbian article “NATO o Kosovu: “Zapadni Balkan nam je važan”cle can be found here.

Alumni in Action: Lauren Bramwell

BramwellPolitical Science graduate Lauren Bramwell has been named a Gates Public Service Law Scholar. This prestigious scholarship provides the opportunity to attend the University of Washington School of Law without the crushing burden of educational debt. Bramwell graduated from Boise State in 2014 with a double major in communication and political science. In addition to being a Top Ten Scholar and member of the Talkin’ Broncos, Bramwell was the commencement student speaker in December 2014.

Student in Action: Sally Sargeant-Hu

Sargeant-HuPolitical Science Master’s student Sally Sargeant-Hu was a contributor to The Blue Review’s Homeless Colloquy. This series of articles tackles the current homelessness crisis facing the City of Boise. Sargeant-Hu is a graduate fellow with the School of Public Service Public Policy Research Center. She and co-author Carl Anderson wrote an article addressing the benefits other communities have seen by implementing Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH). These PSH programs utilize collaborative efforts between residents, business, and services to furnish secure housing while also providing treatment and mental health services when needed. These programs have the ability to provide unique solutions to the varying circumstances which can lead to and trap people in homelessness. Read Sally Sargeant-Hu  and Carl Anderson’s full article here.