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The PoliSci Newsletter

Raymond Quoted in Serbian Paper

Gregory RaymondDistinguished Professor Emeritus Gregory Raymond was quoted in an article published in the Serbian newspaper “Today” on the topic of possible NATO expansion in the Balkans. The Serbian article “NATO o Kosovu: “Zapadni Balkan nam je važan”cle can be found here.

Alumni in Action: Lauren Bramwell

Lauren BramwellPolitical Science graduate Lauren Bramwell has been named a Gates Public Service Law Scholar. This prestigious scholarship provides the opportunity to attend the University of Washington School of Law without the crushing burden of educational debt. Bramwell graduated from Boise State in 2014 with a double major in communication and political science. In addition to being a Top Ten Scholar and member of the Talkin’ Broncos, Bramwell was the commencement student speaker in December 2014.

Student in Action: Sally Sargeant-Hu

Sargeant-HuPolitical Science Master’s student Sally Sargeant-Hu was a contributor to The Blue Review’s Homeless Colloquy. This series of articles tackles the current homelessness crisis facing the City of Boise. Sargeant-Hu is a graduate fellow with the School of Public Service Public Policy Research Center. She and co-author Carl Anderson wrote an article addressing the benefits other communities have seen by implementing Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH). These PSH programs utilize collaborative efforts between residents, business, and services to furnish secure housing while also providing treatment and mental health services when needed. These programs have the ability to provide unique solutions to the varying circumstances which can lead to and trap people in homelessness. Read Sally Sargeant-Hu  and Carl Anderson’s full article here.

Jaclyn Kettler

Jaclyn KettlerJaclyn Kettler was quoted in a Boise State Public Radio story about why so many Idahoans registered as Republicans this year. Kettler notes that at the time of the March primary, the race for the Republican presidential nominee was still competitive. She also pointed to the closed primary issue that required people to identify with a specific party. What’s less clear, she said, is how this will affect GOP operations going forward. The story, Idaho GOP Boasts Highest Turnout For Presidential Primary, Looks Ahead To May 17, can be read here.

Kettler also provided insight into the practice of candidates raising money for unopposed races. Kettler noted that some of the money raised often goes to help candidates running for other positions, in a show of team support. That story was aired on KBOI and can be read at this link.

Scott Yenor

Scott Yenor, Political Science, studio portraitScott Yenor published a review of Steven Horwitz’s new book, “Hayek’s Modern Family and the Evolution of Social Institutions,” on the Liberty and Law website sponsored through Liberty Fund. The review contrasts a sober view of changes in marriage and family life with the un-moored optimism characteristic of much libertarian and contemporary liberal thought.

POLS Students in Action

Two Boise State Political Science students haven been awarded the Boren Scholarship, a prestigious international scholarship, that will allow them to immerse themselves in a foreign culture and pursue their goals of mastering another language while learning the intricate politics of their host countries. Sophomore Rachel Gallina received a year-long scholarship to study Arabic at the University of Haifa in Israel in the fall, and Junior Lindsey Bays received a year-long scholarship to study Mandarin in China.

Read how Two Students Win Prestigious International Scholarships in The Update- 4/16/2016


Dr. Justin Vaughn: Accomplished Under 40

Dr. Justin Vaughn has been named one of the 2016 Idaho Business Review Justin Vaughn, Political Science, studio portraitAccomplished Under 40 recipients. The public is invited to celebrate with this year’s honorees at a reception and awards event on June 23 from 5:30 to 9 p.m. at the Western Aircraft Hangar at the Boise Airport. Read more Read more about the Accomplished Under 40 distinction here.

Original Source: Idaho Business Review – 4/15/2016

2016 Urban Affairs Association Conference

Sargeant-HuSally Sargeant, a Public Policy Research Center graduate assistant and Political Science Master’s student, recently attended the 2016 Urban Affairs Association Conference held in San Diego, California. Sally Sargeant was joined by Carl Anderson, a Public Policy Research Center graduate assistant and Community and Regional Planning Master’s student, and Vanessa Fry, Assistant Director of the Public Policy Research Center and Public Policy and Administration PhD student. Read more about the conference here.


Taking Trump Seriously

Justin Vaughn’s paper titled “Taking Trump Seriously” published by Justin Vaughn, Political Science, studio portraitThe Blue Review argues that only recently have Republican leaders began to “come to terms with the fact that the Trump phenomenon is more than a passing curiosity” and started viewing Trump as a threat. Read Justin Vaughn’s full article here.

Original Source: The Blue Review – 4/12/16

Citizen Participation in Relation to Dengue Fever in Brazil

Boise State political scientists Brian Wampler and Mike Touchton Wampler and Touchtonare hoping they can help improve the odds of contracting Dengue fever in Brazil by increasing citizen involvement and awareness. They have been studying the effectiveness of the participatory governance model in relation to infant mortality and other public health challenges, such as dengue fever and the Zika virus. Read more about the duo’s research here.

Original Sources: The Update – 4/12/2016