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The PoliSci Newsletter

Political Science through Science Fiction

Michael Allen and Justin Vaughn recently published a book titled Poli_Sci_Fi“Poli Sci Fi: An Introduction to Political Science Through Science Fiction.” The book allows readers, students and instructors to explore the multiple worlds of science fiction while gaining a firm grasp of core political science concepts. Read more about “Poli Sci Fi” here.

Original Sources: Routledge Press, The Update – 4/7/16

A Shooting Chance

Scott Yenor’s article titled “A Shooting Chance” Borah-bballabout basketball in the state of Idaho was recently published by The Blue Review. He looks at both the high school and collegiate level. Read “A Shooting Chance” here.

Original Sources: The Blue Review – 4/5/2016

Top Ten Scholars

Boise State recently announced its Top Ten Scholars, which recognizes the top ten graduating seniors. Among the Top Ten Scholars are three Political Science students: Alex Belisle, Tim Hubbard, and Fred Swanstrum (a double major with Communications). Also to be congratulated are Drs. Wampler and Burkhart for being named Honored Faculty. The Award Ceremony will be held on Thursday, April 21st.

Scott Yenor Publishes Article on Gender Inequality in Sports

Scott Yenor recently published an article with the Witherspoon Scott Yenor, Political Science, studio portraitInstitute’s Public Discourse titled “A Sporting Difference: On Men’s and Women’s Athletics”. In it Yenor comments on the inequality between men and women’s collegiate sports teams. Read Scott Yenor’s full article in Public Discourse here.

Original Sources: Public Discourse – 4/4/16, The Update – 4/4/16

Final Filibuster Session

Justin Vaughn and Jaclyn Kettler will return for the final 2016 Idaho Filibuster Session on Wednesday, March 30th. In this session experts will discuss the 2016 session highs and lows, in the context of our current national and local political climate. On the docket: how higher ed fared, the middling public schools budget, gun bills, and the lack of movement on health care reform in Idaho (though this may be in flux today), and anything else attendees would like to discuss.

Original Source: The Blue Review – 3/24/2016

Feeling the Bern

Justin Vaughn was quoted in a Planet Jackson Hole story titled Justin Vaughn, Political Science, studio portrait“The Buzz: Feeling the Bern” by Natosha Hoduski. In it she comments on how Bernie Sanders is gaining momentum in the presidential race despite his “media blackout”. Among other comments, Vaughn noted that the campaign’s media blackout seems to have reinforced the enthusiasm of many younger voters. Read the full story here.

Original Sources: The Update – 3/24/16, Planet Jackson Hole – 3/23/16

Castellano’s Co-organized Conference

Lecturer Isaac Castellano co-organized a one-day conference Castellanoheld on March 14 in the Student Union Building titled “Ethics, Hells Canyon dams, and the Columbia River Treaty.” The conference was organized in conjunction with several community partners including the Upper Snake River Tribal Foundation, and Center for Environmental Law and Policy. Read more about the conference here and read about Drs. Yu and Castellano here.

Original Sources: The Update – 3/17/16, CELP – 3/7/16


Research and Innovation in Latin America

Professors Mike Touchton and Brian Wampler wrote a Photo-Wampler_Brianpaper titled “The evolving relation between the state and Civil Society in Brazil” for Panormas, a forum that spreads the word about research and innovation in Latin America. The website is hosted by University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Latin American Studies.


Conference on Ethics and the Columbia River Treaty

Boise State will host a conference titled “Ethics and the Columbia River Treaty” on Monday, March 14 in the Student Union Building Jordan Ballroom. The conference is the third installment in a series addressing the ethical, environmental and political implications of renewing the 1964 treaty between the U.S. and Canada. Read more about the conference here.

Original Sources: The Update – 3/9/2016,

2016 Idaho Filibuster Sessions

The 2016 Idaho Filibuster Sessions are informal, fortnightly meetups to discuss the latest happenings at the Idaho Legislature, hosted by The Blue Review, the Boise State School of Public Service, and the Boise State Political Science Department. The third Filibuster Session on Wednesday, February 17th, presented the opportunity to discuss a recent survey conducted by the new School of Public Service. Read the full articles about the Public Policy Survey and Filibuster Session.

Original Sources: The Blue Review – 2/15/16, Public Policy Survey