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The PoliSci Newsletter

Vaughn Comment’s on Otter’s State of the State Address

Justin Vaughn’s article titled “Otter Resolute in Policy Talk, Less Optimistic than Usual” was published by The Blue Review. In the article Vaughn discusses Otter’s annual State of the State Address that was held Monday, January 11th. During the speech Governor Otter laid out his policy priorities. Read Justin Vaughn’s full article here.

Original Sources: The Blue Review – 1/18/2016

Wampler and Touchton’s Article on Brazil’s City Budgets Resurfaces

Brian Wampler and Michael Touchton co-wrote a piece for The Washington Post in 2014 about the benefits of democratizing city budgets in Brazil. The article, “Brazil let its citizens make decisions about city budgets. Here’s what happened.”, focuses on the benefits of “participatory institutions”. Their article caught the attention of two Brazilian newspapers and Brazil’s presidential office, and has received praise from The Chronicles of Higher Education.

Sources: Brian Wampler, The Update – 1/11/16The Washington Post – 1/22/14, The Chronicles of Higher Education – 1/10/16

Touchton Comments on Election Investments

Mike Touchton authored an article in the Washington Post titled “Free and fair elections attract investment, no matter who’s elected. Here’s why”. In his article he takes a look at two “illiberal” democracies that recently held relatively free and fair elections, Argentina and Venezuela, and provides theories as to why. Read Mike Touchton’s full article here.

Original Sources: The Update – 1/11/16, The Washington Post – 1/8/16

Brian Wampler’s Speaking Spree

Brain Wampler gave three talks during the first week of December. Photo of Brian WamplerThe first was to the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency at its annual Stewards meeting in Washington, D.C., the second was to the Arizona State University’s School of Public Service, and the third was for a conference that focused on participatory democracy, civic engagement and citizenship education that was hosted by ASU. Read more about Brain Wampler’s talks here.

Original Source: The Update – 12/9/2015

Scott Yenor’s Take on Recent Student Protests

Scott Yenor’s article titled “A Professor’s Take: College Student Protests Echo 1960s Protests” was published by The Daily Signal’s Education/Commentary feed. In his article he discusses recent student protests, specifically those of University of Missouri and Yale. Read Scott Yenor’s full article here.

Original Source: The Daily Signal – 11/17/2015

Scott Yenor’s Article on Marriage

Scott Yenor’s article titled “Toward Plural Marriage: Understanding and Countering the Liberal Wringer” was published by The Witherspoon Institute’s “Public Discourse” feed. In his article he addresses the biases and moral teaching within the contemporary liberal perspective in regards to marriage and family life. Read the full article at the The Witherspoon Institute’s “Public Discourse” .

Original Source: The Witherspoon Institute – 12/7/2015


Remembering Keith Stein

Founder of Boise State’s Blue Thunder Marching Band, Keith Stein Steins-417x500passed away this weekend in his home at the age of 86. Keith’s impact on our university and students can be seen all throughout his life time, read more about Keith Stein’s life and legacy here.

Original Source: Boise State News Update – 11/9/2015 

PNPSA’s Annual Meeting


Tyler Holden, a Master of Political Science student at Boise TylerState University, won honorable mention at the poster competition for the Pacific Northwest Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting. His poster was in regards to “Influential factors on outcomes of midterm gubernatorial elections”.

Presidential Policy Czars

Justin Vaughn, Associate Professor of Political Science at Boise State Justin Vaughn, Political Science, studio portraitUniversity, wrote a guest post for Presidential Power titled “Presidential Policy Czars”. Presidential Power is a blog that focuses on presidents and presidential politics around the world. Vaughn’s post focuses on the meaning and history of czars in relation to Barack Obama. Read the full post at Presidential Power.

Original Source: Presidential Power – 10/28/2015

This week on Idaho Reports

During the week of October 23rd Rocky Barker joined Justin Vaughn of Boise State University and Betsy Russell of the Spokesman-Review to discuss racism in Idaho and gender balances on Idaho boards and commissions. View the video here.

Original Sources: Idaho Reports – 10/23/2015