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The PoliSci Newsletter

Touchton and Wampler on Participatory Budgeting

Last Wednesday, September 23rd, Brian Wampler and Michael Touchton lead a global webinar for the Participatory Budgeting Project. “Touchton and Wampler presented their research, which connects participatory budgeting to improvements in healthcare performance throughout Brazil, to the PB Project’s large international network of policymakers and policy advocates”. Read the full article about the webinar here.

Original Source: Brian Wampler and Michael Touchton, The Update – 9/25/2015

Obama Exercises Executive Power

Dr. Scott Yenor, professor for the Department of Political Science, wrote a guest opinion for the Idaho Statesman titled “Guest Opinion: Taming the president?”. In this post Yenor discusses President Obama’s recent executive agreement with Iran which removed many of the provisions and sanctions Congress put in place.

Original Sources : The Update – 9/24/2015, Idaho Statesman – 9/16/2015

Bronco Bi-weekly’s Photo of the Week

“Boise State has boosted the percentage of graduates in the fields of science, Photo of the Weektechnology, engineering and math (STEM) to more than 15 percent of the university’s total graduates. This aligns with a national need for more graduates in these important fields. Pictured are sophomores Jordan Meine, a political science major (left), Savannah Chilson, an elementary education major, and Torri Thibault, a criminal justice major, who are studying photosynthesis rates in a Biology 100 lab.”

2015-2016 Political Science Scholarship Recipients

The Department of Political Science is pleased to announce the recipients of Political Science scholarships for 2015-2016. Our scholarship recipients earned these honors based on their academic records, performance in their political science courses, progress in completing their political science course work, contributions to department, and other activities on and off campus.

Alex BelisleTodd Compton Memorial Scholarship, Political Science/ English Scholarship, Political Science Department Scholarship

Gabrielle Boliou–  Dr. Greg and Christine Raymond Political Science Scholarship, Political Science Department Scholarship 

Aspen Compton– Frank Church Scholarship, Political Science Department Scholarship

Angel Hernandez-Oseguera– Dr. Stephanie Witt Political Science Scholarship, Anonymous Donor Scholarship

Timothy Hibbard Frank Church Scholarship, Dr. Willard Overgaard Scholarship

Tim Lamb– Political Science Department Scholarship

Fred Swanstrum– Dr. John Keiser Public Affairs Scholarship, Todd Compton Memorial Scholarship, Political Science Department Scholarship,  

Students encouraged to “Rock the Vote”

Rock_the_Vote_logoTuesday, October 6, 2015 students will have the opportunity to ask questions and get registered to vote in the upcoming election. There will be opportunities to volunteer, register, and listen in on an Election Candidates Forum.  Learn all you need to know in the PSA Weekly Newsletter.

Trump Trumps Clinton in Primary

Jim Weatherby, professor for the Political Science Department, was quoted in an article published by Magic Valley titled “Idaho Poll: Trump far Ahead In Primary, Beating Clinton Head-to-Head”. Weatherby thinks this is due to a lot of peoples’ fascination with the Trump candidacy and “waiting to hear the next thing that may come out of his mouth”.

Original Sources: Jim Weatherby, The Update – 9/17/2015, Magic Valley Times-News, 9/9/2015

An Initiative for Participatory Budgeting

Photo-Wampler,BrianBrain Wampler, professor for the Political Science Department, was interviewed for an article published by East Bay Express titled “Creating a ‘People’s Budget'”. The article is in regards to a popular initiative that would “amend the Oakland City Charter to allow citizens to decide how the city spends taxpayer funds — a process known as participatory budgeting”. Dr. Wampler contributes that “Cities that have adopted participatory budgeting have seen a shift in funding priorities to underserved communities”.

Original sources: “Brian Wampler” (15) The Update – 9/17/2015, East Bay Express – 9/9/2015

Third Annual Andrus Center Conference on Women and Leadership

Women and Leadership logoStatistics regarding female representation in state politics was brought to light this week during the Third Annual Andrus Center Conference on Women and Leadership held at Boise State University. The panel moderated by Meredith Conroy “looked at some of the reasons for the lagging numbers, including the tendency of women to consider themselves unqualified to run for office, and the idea that parents may be less inclined to talk about politics and political ambitions with their daughters than with their sons” (Idaho Statesman). The conference will continue today, September 11th, in the Student Union Building.

Original Sources: Read about the Women and Leadership Conference in the Idaho Statesman – 9/10/2015

Justin Vaughn and Jacklyn Kettler study appointments in Idaho

Jaclyn Kettler, Political Science, Studio Portrait, TagIn a study conducted by Political Science Professors, Jaclyn Kettler and Justin Vaughn, Political Science, studio portraitJustin Vaughn, of “nearly 5,000 appointments in Idaho” they discover that “men receive nominations to state and local boards and commissions twice as often as women”. Their research also found that “women are disproportionately appointed to boards traditionally classified as having ‘feminine’ functions”.

Original Sources: “Study Shows Men Nominated to Idaho Boards Twice as Often as Women” The Update – 9/10/15

Dr. Kinney’s Paper on Idaho State Budgeting

Photo-Kinney_RichardProfessor Emeritus Dick Kinney’s paper, “Making Progress in Idaho State Budgeting: The Sequel”, is featured in The California Journal of Politics and Policy’s most current issue. The paper presents Idaho’s current demographics, political tendencies, budgeting process and economy.

Original Source: Campus Update – 8/25/15, eScholarship – 2015