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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there new requirements that I should be aware of?

Beginning in the fall 2011 semester, the graduation requirements for the political science major will change. The changes do not apply to the political science minor and political science-social science-secondary education option.

  1. The minimum number of total credits to graduate with a political science degree will drop from 128 to 120. (If you have a double major and the requirements for that major remain at 128, you will need to complete them.
  2. The minimum number of credits to complete the political science major will decrease by 6 credits from 45 to 39.  The change is in the minimum number of political science upper division electives, which will drop from 12 to 6.
  3. The number of credits in general electives outside of political science will decrease by 2.
  4. The minimum number of total upper division credits for graduation will remain at 40. Under the current catalog, your political science upper division courses account for 30 of the 40 credits, and you need at least 10 additional upper division credits. With the changes, your political science upper division courses will account for 24 of the 40 upper division credits, and you will need at least 16 more upper division credits.

Students who want to graduate in December of 2011 under the new requirements must complete at least one credit in the fall semester.

Students are not required to use the new catalog and may use a previous catalog as long as it complies with Boise State catalog policy.

If you have any questions, contact your advisor.

What can I do with a major in Political Science?

Please see our List of Sample Occupations and Work Settings for ideas about how a Political Science degree can help you achieve your goals.

How do I learn who my advisor is?

Lower division advising for Freshmen and Sophomore students with 58 or less earned undergraduate credits will be provided by Amanda Dolfin. Appointments can be booked with Amanda via She can be reached at or (208) 426-3643.

Upper division students will have a faculty advisor assigned to them based on their area of emphasis and specific needs as a student.

Students can view their advisor by logging into their BroncoWeb account and navigating to their Student Center.

How do I change my advisor?

Once students reach 58 credits, they are automatically assigned a faculty advisor who specializes in the student’s declared Area of Emphasis.  Students having a preferred faculty advisor who is not assigned to them may contact the Political Science department at 208-426-1458 to have the advisor changed.

What can I expect to discuss during my first meeting with my advisor?

Your advisor will likely:

  • ask you to explain your reasons for becoming a political science major, education goals, and career plans,
  • discuss the general graduation requirements at Boise State and the political science major, including the political science internship program, and
  • answer specific questions that you have.

How do I prepare for a meeting with my advisor?

  • Be ready to explain why you are interested in becoming a political science major, education goals, and career plans.
  • If you are a transfer student, obtain an evaluation of your transfer credits from the Registrar’s Office (room 102 in the Administration Building). Bring it with you when you meet with your advisor.
  • If you have already completed courses at Boise State, be ready to indicate what courses you have completed. If you are not sure what those courses are, then obtain a copy of your transcript from the Registrar’s Office (room 102 in the Administration Building). Bring it with you when you meet with your advisor. You may also do this by completing the Political Science Major Checklist that is available from the Political Science department web site.
  • If you want to discuss the selection of courses, look over the Boise State University Undergraduate Catalog and the “Directory of Classes.” You may obtain a copy of the catalog from the Enrollment Services Office (room 105 in the Administration Building) or New Student Information Center (the northeast entrance of the Student Union Building). A hard copy of the class directory is available from the Registrar’s Office (room 110 of the Administration Building). The university schedule of classes is available online through BroncoWeb.