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A Tale of Two Counties: How Clark County, Idaho and Clark County, Nevada Tell the Story of Counties in the Intermountain West

Dr. Stephanie Witt, Department of Public Policy & Administration, will speak at the SSPA’s Speaker Series on Wednesday, April 18 from 12:40 to 1:30 p.m. in ILC 315.

Six hundred and eighty four miles of Interstate 15 separate Clark County, Idaho from Clark County, Nevada, but it some respects it might as well be a million miles.

These two Clark counties represent the extremes of counties in the Intermountain West.

Whether facing rapid growth or a long, slow slide in population, both must address their future using an antiquated form of government held over from British tradition.

This study examines how well suited the counties in the Intermountain region are to dealing with issues such as fiscal stress, vast tracts of public lands and energy siting.


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