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About the University

Boise State University is a public, metropolitan research university offering an array of undergraduate and graduate degrees and experiences that foster student success, lifelong learning, community engagement, innov

ation and creativity. Research and creative activity advance new knowledge and benefit students, the community, state and nation.Boise State aspires to be a research university known for

the finest undergraduate education in the region, and outstanding research and graduate programs. With its exceptional faculty, staff and student body, and its location in the heart of a thriving metropolitan area, the university is an engine that drives the Idaho economy, providing significant return on public investment.

With an enrollment of 22,678 students, Boise State is a progressive learning-oriented, student focused university dedicated to excellence in teaching, innovative research, leadership development and community service. Students are benefiting from a renewed emphasis on the undergraduate experience and reaching graduation day better prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.

Boise’s University

In its 81st year, Boise State University is truly coming of age in higher education. Our faculty, students, alumni and staff have put Boise State on the map with their breakthrough research and record of achievement. We are stretching beyond our regional roots and extending our academic and athletic influence to a national level.

But more importantly, we are deepening our partnerships and relationships close to home, where we serve as an urban university dedicated to the research and student experiences that drive economic development and contribute to a vibrant and healthy community. We are proud to be Boise’s university.

Boise State University is a partner in Boise 150 and is joining its city in celebrating this milestone. Our faculty are leading a number of activities – from “Thinking 150” events held in February to upcoming “Sesqui-Speaks” lectures on topics ranging from immigration to the environment. Boise State and The Story Initiative also are partners in Read Me Treasure Valley, which focuses on the city’s sesquicentennial.

To find out more about Boise 150, including upcoming events, projects and background, please visit

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