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Undergraduate Dispute Resolution Program

Boise State offers two academic certificate programs for people interested in improving their ability to effectively manage conflict with others.

  • The undergraduate 12-credit Dispute Resolution Certificate Program focuses on developing knowledge and skills in mediation and interpersonal conflict management.*
  • The graduate-level 12-credit Conflict Management Certificate Program focuses on developing knowledge and skills in interpersonal conflict management, group and intercultural conflict management, negotiation, and mediation.

Both Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management are certificate programs. That is, students who have both completed a program and earned a college degree receive a certificate of completion from Boise State University. Additionally, Boise State lists completed certificate programs on University transcripts.

Faculty in both programs have professional experience as both university teachers and conflict management practitioners. Almost all have earned Certified Professional Mediator status through the Idaho Mediation Association.

*Note: Students who have earned an associate’s degree may take the Dispute Resolution Certificate Program by itself. For students pursuing a bachelor’s degree, the Certificate Program is taken concurrently and the Certificate is awarded after students’ complete their degree.

***NOTE*** Dispute Resolution Certificate Curriculum Change

Students may now earn a Dispute Resolution Certificate (a 12-credit undergraduate program) without completing an internship. This option—called the Life Skills Focus—allows students to replace the Internship and Competency exam (3 credits total) with either of the following:

—  DISPUT 401 Negotiation (3 credits)

—  DISPUT 402 Culture and Conflict (3 credits)

Both the newly-approved Life Skills Focus and the original curriculum, the Mediation Focus, integrate skill development in conflict management, negotiation and mediation with relevant theory and research. Both focus areas have 9 credits in common:

—  DISPUT (COMM/SOC) 390 Conflict Management (3 credits)

—  DISPUT 400 Basic Mediation Skills (3 credits)

—  Three credits selected from a variety of DISPUT 494 workshops that provide training in specialized areas of conflict management and mediation

The new Life Skills Focus is intended to help those students who want to earn a Dispute Resolution Certificate, but cannot take time from work to complete the field internship—which most often occurs during weekdays in civil mediation programs provided at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise.

For more information please contact Dr. Bayard Gregory,via email at or phone at 208-426-2513.

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