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Jen Schneider has published two books this summer, 2016

Image of Jen Schneider“Jen Schneider has published two books this summer with her writing partners.

“Under Pressure: Coal Industry Rhetoric and Neoliberalism” is available as an e-book through Palgrave Macmillan. Written with Steve Schwarze, Peter K. Bsumek and Jennifer Peeples, the book examines five rhetorical strategies used by the U.S. coal industry to advance its interests in the face of growing economic and environmental pressures: industrial apocalyptic, corporate ventriloquism, technological shell game, hypocrite’s trap and energy utopia. The authors argue that these strategies appeal to and reinforce neoliberalism, a discourse and set of practices that privilege market rationality and individual freedom and responsibility above all else.

“The Joy of Science: Seven Principles for Scientists Seeking Happiness, Harmony, and Success” was written by Schneider and Roel Snieder and is available in print and digitally through It was published by Cambridge University Press. In an age where working in science or engineering offers tremendous professional opportunities, the pace of scientific development is truly breathtaking. Yet many researchers struggle with the pressures of the fast-paced academic workplace and struggle to harmonize their work and personal lives. The result can be burnout, exhaustion and stress on a personal level, and difficulty in recruiting and retaining talented, diverse people to science and engineering. This book aims to help scientists by identifying and questioning the core beliefs that drive a culture of overwork, and provides real-world examples and exercises for those wishing to do things differently.”

Original source: Boise State Update, Jen Schneider, 8/3/16

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