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MPA Alumnus, Nick Diaz, in Action

“Nick Diaz, Disability Resource Center, represented Boise State University Veteran Services at the Western Association of Veterans Education Specialists (WAVES) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this week. The conference invited WAVES members from universities across the country, focusing on various aspects of veteran education. Diaz, one of the school certifying officials for the university, was a speaker at the conference. He presented on the efforts by Boise State in providing a more complete service to its student veterans. Although most departments across the country focus on processing GI Bill benefits, he spoke about the need to provide additional support, including academic, financial and personal well-being resources.

Diaz highlighted the necessity to interact with campus and community partners in order to develop a network of assistance. The connections created with those partners assist in directing students to the correct resource in a time of need. Additionally, he highlighted efforts by Veteran Services to develop a strategy of direct support by adding an Academic and Career Advisor and an Outreach Coordinator to its department through a grant provided.”

Original source: Boise State Update post, Nick Diaz, 7/26/16

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