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John Freemuth quoted in Associated Press and National Park Traveler Articles

John FreemuthProfessor John Freemuth was quoted in two stories, one about parallels between the protest of the Dakota Pipeline and the Malheur Refuge Occupation and one about President Obama’s public lands legacy.

In The Associated Press article titled “Some fear acquittal could lead others to take drastic action” Freemuth questions if we’re going to view the protests the same way, but comments that “the tribes will have a point if they find themselves arrested and in jail and these Oregon guys get off”.

In the National Parks Traveler Article titled “President Obama’s Public Lands Legacy” Freemuth is quoted saying that the number of protected acres is a “numbers game,” largely due to the amount of ocean acres this country owns.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 10/31/16, Morning Journal 10/29/16, National Parks Traveler 10/30/16

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