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Ph.D. Student, Amy Ferriter, in action – December 12, 2016

“Amy Ferriter was part of a nine-member task force that created a report for the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Invasive Species Advisory Committee. Amy Ferriter, PhD Graduate Student

Titled “Invasive Specials Impacts to Infrastructure,” the report details the threat of certain invasive species on infrastructure. The authors note that while many species of invasive, non-native species enter the United States through ports of entry in urban environments, little is known about the economic costs associated with their impact on “built” environments such as dams, power plants and homes.

Specifically, the group looked at infrastructure related to power, water, transportation and housing systems. The group identified specific threats, such as that posed to dams by quagga mussels and aquatic weeds, and created a set of recommendations to “help Federal agencies take the necessary action to prevent, eradicate, and control invasive species that have the potential to harm infrastructure within the United States.

The Invasive Species Advisory Committee will in turn forward the report to the National Invasive Species Council.”

Originating source: Boise State Update, 12/12/16

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