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MPA students, Ana Costa and Nish Kamble, provide conference research support in July 2017

Where in the World? Kenya

Kenyan students

Students in Kenya with Brian Wampler, third from left.

“Political science professor Brian Wampler organized and led a two-day international workshop, held in Nairobi, Kenya. The workshop was held July 13-14 and included participants from 10 countries, including the Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Brazil, the United States and England. Making All Voices Count, an international development project led by the University of Sussex, supported the conference.

The conference focused on donor-involved countries where local governments are implementing new forms of citizen participation venues.

Wampler collaborated with Michael Touchton of the University of Miami. Research support at Boise State was provided by Melanie Fillmore, a master’s student in political science, and Ana Costa and Nish Kamble, both master’s students in public policy and administration. In addition, Annika Galliani and Maria Tellez with the School of Public Service provided excellent support to ensure that the workshop went well.”

Original source: Boise State UPDATE, 7/20/17

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