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Academic Programs

Public Policy and Administration offers the following academic programs:

  • Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration (Ph.D PPA)

    Boise State University’s new Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy and Administration is designed to prepare students for senior level positions in public, non-profit and international organizations or positions in an academic or researching setting. The degree provides a sound foundation in current administrative practice in public administration and its cognate disciplines within the fields of public policy and management. Doctoral students will be expected to demonstrate significant research capacity in the discipline through the writing of a dissertation.

    Master of Public Administration (MPA)

    The MPA provides an important academic nucleus of the University’s designated area of emphasis in public affairs. As the urban university in Idaho, located in the capital city, Boise State has been given the mandate to provide educational opportunities related to public affairs education. Public Policy and Administration offers the master’s degree in public administration to help fulfill that mandate. It is the only MPA accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration in Idaho and one of only eight in the Northwest and surrounding states; including Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming.

    The mission of the MPA is to prepare pre-service students and in-service professionals for positions of leadership in public service. Administrators and other staff members in all levels of government, non-profit organizations and private sector governmental affairs departments take advantage of the general administrative and policy analysis curriculum offered. The MPA provides the theoretical and practical dimensions of public management necessary to assist students seeking public service careers. MPA students can study in one of three important concentrations: environmental and natural resource policy and administration, state and local government policy and administration, and general public administration.

    Certificate of Nonprofit Administration

    The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Administration draws upon interdisciplinary coursework to assist working professionals and students hone management and leadership skills and policy development expertise.

    Certificate of Conflict Management

    Based upon its lead role in public policy, the Master of Public Administration plays an important role in the administration and in the delivery of courses in the Master of Health Policy and in a variety of other graduate programs at Boise State University.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Public Policy and Administration offers the undergraduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution, which serves both current Boise State students and community members who wish additional training and coursework in mediation and conflict management.

    Boise State students may enroll in the Dispute Resolution Certificate program concurrently with work on a bachelor’s degree. The certificate functions similar to an academic minor and is awarded after the degree is awarded.

    Community members who are academically eligible may enroll as Boise State students in any of the Dispute Resolution courses, except the competency exam course. The certificate will not be awarded unless the student holds an associate or baccalaureate degree.

PPA Grading Policy

A (93 – 100%); A- (90 – 92.9%)
Excellent. “A” work shows exceptional ability to not only read and understand the material, but also demonstrate critical analytical skill in determining the strengths and weaknesses of arguments, philosophies, and comments. Distinguished work requires a consistent application of concepts with original analysis integrating literature and concepts into course work. The student initiates and effectively responds to questions. The student has demonstrated a quality of work and accomplishment far beyond the normal requirements and shows originality of thought and mastery of material.

B+ (87 – 89.9%); B (83 – 86.9%); B- (80 – 82.9%)
Good. “B” work shows a good understanding of the material, marginal participation in class, and the ability to do what is asked. The student’s achievement is an acceptable level of accomplishment, showing initiative, comprehension of material, and the ability to work with concepts.

“B-“ work demonstrates that the student’s accomplishment, while “passing,” is deficient, demonstrating limited integration, application and analysis. Minimum requirements have been met but without distinction. Work is technically passing, but this level of academic performance in graduate coursework at Boise State triggers probationary status when the cumulative GPA drops below 3.0 .

C+ (77 – 79.9%); C (73 – 76.9%); C- (70 – 72.9%)
Not Acceptable. Student has demonstrated a minimum level of competence in meeting course objectives. See Boise State Graduate College policy regarding maintenance of a cumulative minimum GPA.

D – F (Less than 70%)

From the Office of the Registrar and Graduate College

Course Descriptions
You can now easily access course descriptions by subject or college from the catalog portion of the Registrar’s Office website.  We encourage you to take advantage of these pages by linking directly to them from your program websites.

Registration Information
The registration information on the Registrar’s homepage provides information on academic and fee policiesenrollment appointmentsenrollment verification, and adding or withdrawing from classes.

Suggested syllabus verbiage regarding:

  • Reasonable Accommodations
    Students with disabilities needing accommodations to fully participate in this class should contact the educational Access Center (EAC). All accommodations must be approved through the EAC prior to being implemented. To learn more about the accommodation process, visit the EAC’s website.
  • Academic Honesty and Plagiarism
    Plagiarism and cheating in any form are unacceptable. All work submitted must represent the student’s own ideas, concepts and current understanding. Students are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations as set forth in the Student Code of Conduct and the catalog lists examples of academic dishonesty, further warning of dismissal from a class, failed, and/or suspension or expulsion from the university. For further clarification refer to the Boise State Student Handbook.
  • Firearm Safety
    Idaho law permits concealed carry of firearms on the Boise State University campus by some students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Other than qualified law enforcement officers, only persons who have been issued and are in possession of an Idaho enhanced concealed carry license are permitted to do so. Firearms must remain concealed at all times. If a firearm becomes visible it is a violation of university policy and the person may be removed from campus. Please notify Boise State Campus Security (call 208-426-6911) or the Boise Police Department (call 9-1-1) for any reports of firearms on campus. Use of firearms is prohibited on campus. For further clarification refer to the Boise State University Policy #12080: Possession of Firearms/Weapons on University Owned or Controlled Premises.
  • Technology and Electronic Devices
    No audio or video recording of lecture and discussion is authorized in class without the instructor’s approval. To record without the specific written consent of all class members is unethical and violates their expectations of an open atmosphere in which to discuss the sometimes sensitive issues attendant to human beings operating within organizations. Unless you have some type of urgent situation, and you should notify the instructor in advance in these cases, please turn off your phone. Laptops are permitted for note taking, unless such use becomes a distraction to the instructor or other students.