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Competency Option

The Competency Option is for people in the Conflict Management Certificate Program who wish to emphasize both practitioner skills and academic courses. It consists of nine credits of required courses, including a two-credit internship of 90 hours and a one-credit competency examination. For the competency examination, students: (1) conduct casework, (2) complete a written examination that covers issues of mediation within their specialty area and (3) mediate a case from within their emphasis area before one or more expert mediators.

Currently, because of very limited internship opportunities, most students pursue the Generalist Option.

Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management - Competency Option

Course NumberTitleCredits
DISPUT 500*Basic Mediation Skills3
DISPUT 501Human Factors in Conflict Management1
DISPUT 502Negotiation Theory and Practice1
DISPUT 504Facilitating Groups in Conflict1
DISPUT 505Culture and Conflict1
DISPUT 590Internship2
DISPUT 546Competency Exam1
Electives594 (workshops), 597 (special topics) or other approved electives2
Total credit hours12
Note*Candidates who have already completed Dispute 400 or other equivalent credit-bearing basic mediation courses may waive Dispute 500 and then take three additional credits of approved elective coursework.


Current Idaho Mediation Association Certified Professional Mediators may waive the internship and competency exam and substitute three additional credits of approved elective coursework.