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About the Program

Boise State offers two academic certificate programs:

  1. Undergraduate 12-credit Dispute Resolution certificate program.
  2. Graduate-level 12-credit Conflict Management certificate program.

The graduate-level Conflict Management Certificate Program provides both knowledge and skills for people who wish to deal more effectively with interpersonal, group and intercultural conflict; and to develop their abilities to mediate disputes and negotiate agreements. Courses are appropriate for:

  • Leaders and managers at all levels
  • Professionals who need high-level people skills
  • Anyone interested in effectively managing conflict

Conflict Management faculty members possess abundant professional experience as university teachers, organizational trainers and conflict management practitioners. Almost all have earned Certified Professional Mediator status through the Idaho Mediation Association.
Students admitted to the 12-credit Certificate Program have two options:

  • The Generalist Option which emphasizes academic courses, or
  • The Competency Option which emphasizes practitioner skills.

For more information see Generalist Option and Competency Option.
Both Options require the completion of five core courses, which total seven credits:

  • Disput 500 Basic Mediation Skills (3 credits)
  • Disput 501 Human Factors in Conflict Management (1 credit)
  • Disput 502 Negotiation Theory and Practice (1 credit)
  • Disput 504 Facilitating Groups in Conflict (1 credit)
  • Disput 505 Culture and Conflict (1 credit)
    See Course Offerings for descriptions of the core courses.

The remaining five credits consist of approved electives.
For more information see Generalist OptionCompetency Option and the subsection on Workshops under Course Offerings.

Can I take just one class?
Yes. You may take one class or several, or you may enroll to complete the entire certificate. You may take up to four credits of classes and workshops without being enrolled in the Certificate Program

How much does it cost?
For courses in the Conflict Management Program students pay the full graduate fee per credit, $369 for the 2016-2017 academic year (check for cost updates). Because no fee waivers apply all Conflict Management Program fees are in addition to any other course fees you may have.

How do I get admitted to the Conflict Management Graduate Certificate Program?
You need to hold a bachelor’s or graduate degree, be admitted to the Graduate College, and contact the Program Director for an advising and admissions interview.
Please see Admission to the Graduate Certificate Program for more information.

Download the Conflict Management Brochure.

Gainful Employment Disclosure
Read the Gainful Employment Disclosure.