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Internships are an integral component to a student’s academic learning experience, providing assistance with career development and real work experiences. Students will gain professional networking opportunities while exploring their own interests and developing professional skills and competencies.

  • How do I Sign Up?

    Before you do an internship, you must have successfully passed DISPUT 400 or DISPUT 500 and any workshops required by the placement. For example, Small Claims court requires DISPUT 494: Small Claims Mediation.

    You will register for DISPUT 493—Internship. This is a Pass/No Pass Internship. For each credit of internship you will volunteer for 45 hours during the semester in which you are enrolled. Hours may include observation, on-site training, co-mediation, and mediation. See your Boise State University supervisor for further information.

    You will need the signatures of the Internship Director and the Field Supervisor.

    The deadline for registration each semester is posted in the Schedule of Classes.

    You must be registered for an internship for any hours you have completed to count toward your internship. You may not “bank” hours during the summer and register in the fall.

    Who is Involved in the Internship?

    Every internship involves three people:

    1. You
    2. The Field Representative
    3. The University Supervisor

    The Field Supervisor’s role is to provide daily direction and supervision of your learning. It is not the supervisor’s responsibility to help with university registration, paperwork, or to be knowledgeable of any university deadlines. The field supervisor is your “mentor” while learning in the field.

    Any matters regarding grading, registration, internship papers, or other university matters should be directed to the Program Supervisor.

    The Program Supervisor, Dr. Brian Pappas will direct all internships. He will assign your paper project for the internship and evaluate the completed work. Dr. Pappas is available to discuss the program, concerns about the internship process or scheduling of competency exams.

    Students must invite Dr. Pappas to the field location at least once during their internship. Papers and logs will be evaluated by Dr. Pappas at the end of the semester.

    Contact Dr. Pappas by email at or by phone at (208) 426-4589.

    What Are The Internship Requirements?

    The specific requirements will be posted on a Blackboard Internship site and you should access it at the beginning of your internship. If you cannot log onto Blackboard, contact Dr. Pappas. Although there are other specific elements of the papers that you submit, here are some general ideas.

    For the first internship credit, a log of activities and a 2-4 page paper describing what was learned are due to Dr. Pappas no later than the last day of regular classes before final exams.

    For the second internship credit, a log of activities and a 3-5 page analytical paper comparing the model and skills used in the internship to the program of study in the Dispute Resolution program are due no later than the last day of regular classes before final exams.

    Submit papers directly to Dr. Pappas in his office or by e-mail. Papers submitted by e-mail should only be considered “received” if you receive a return e-mail from him.

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