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Hands-On Learning in the MPA program

MPA students gain hands-on experience through a service-learning project

Photo of studentsStudents present a plan for improving food security among students
Over forty percent of Boise State students have experienced some form of food insecurity. Food insecurity, the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food, is a growing but often invisible problem on college campuses nation-wide. Food-insecure students report that hunger can negatively impact their academic performance and their ability to complete their studies. Recent studies have indicated the alarming scope of the issue nationally and a new study by the Idaho Policy Institute quantifies the issue among Boise State students.

MPA students gained hands-on experience through a service-learning project and offered a plan for improving food security among students. The PUB 500 class investigated Boise State student food insecurity throughout the spring semester and recently shared their findings, discussed challenges and made recommendations for tackling the problem in a public presentation on Boise State’s campus.

The class taught is taught by Wendy Jaquet and consists of six students from various majors, including PPA. Jaquet thinks that grappling with real issues impacting students is an important part of the learning process. “I try to make sure that my students experience working on an issue that is close to home,” says Jaquet. “I believe that this prepares them for the practice of public administration in the real world.”

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Service Learning: Wendy Jaquet’s Public Administration students present their research findings to Boise City Mayor David Bieter at City Hall, Photo Patrick Sweeney Photo: Patrick Sweeney


Public Administration Students Present Homelessness Recommendations to Boise Mayor Bieter

Public Policy and Administration Course Includes Strong Service Learning Component

Thirteen students presented their assessments and recommendations for tackling Boise’s homelessness crisis to Mayor Dave Bieter. The presentations, which were delivered at City Hall on April 20, examined the costs of homelessness to the community, analyzed the resources available to address it, and offered recommendations for reducing homelessness in Boise.

The graduate-level Public Administration in the Public Sector course is offered by the Public Policy and Administration program but draws students from a broad academic spectrum. In addition to Master of Public Administration majors, students come from disciplines as varied as Public Health, Criminal Justice and Political Science.

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