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Graduate Program Committee

The PPA Graduate Program Committee consists of the coordinators for each of the graduate programs in PPA. University and PPA guidelines establish the parameters of this committee whose duties include development of recommendations for admission of prospective graduate students, decisions on transfer credits and required background courses, decisions on the award of graduate fellowships and assistantships, and the appointment or restructuring of the Supervisory Committee for the doctoral student. The Graduate Program Committee serves as an appeal mechanism for decisions made by each student’s Supervisory Committee. The PPA chair offers an appeal mechanism for any decisions and recommendations of the Graduate Program Committee.

Supervisory Committee

A doctoral student’s initial advisor in PPA is the doctoral program coordinator. The doctoral program coordinator will work with the doctoral student to identify a Supervisory Committee Chair with expertise in the student’s emphasis area during the first year of the program. The Chair of the Supervisory Committee serves as the student’s principal advisor. By the third semester of the student’s doctoral program and in consultation with the Supervisory Committee Chair, the doctoral student will identify at least two, but not more than three additional graduate faculty members. These faculty members along with the Supervisory Committee Chair form the Supervisory Committee. Within University and PPA guidelines, this Supervisory Committee provides general guidance in the design and approval of the program of study, administration of the comprehensive examination, participation in the assessment of the dissertation proposal, supervision of the dissertation research and participation in the dissertation defense. This committee has a minimum of three, but not more than five members, the majority of whom must hold a faculty appointment within PPA and be members of the Graduate Faculty.