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John Freemuth Quoted by KVAL Channel 13 News

Professor John Freemuth was quoted in a story by KVAL Channel 13 News titled “Public lands experts worry Malheur verdict could cause ‘copycat’ standoffs” about the exoneration of the seven people who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge earlier this year.

Originating Sources: KVAL News 10/28/16

Oct. 27: Dissertation Defense – Matthew May

Congratulations to our first Ph.D. Defense from the Inaugural Cohort, with Matthew May!

9:30 a.m. Hatch A, Student Union Building. The Ph.D. program in Public Policy and Administration invites the campus community to the following dissertation defense: Closed Primary, Exposed Preferences: Idaho’s Primary System and the Bureaucratic Dilemma, presented by Matthew May.

Join us for conversation, snacks and coffee prior to the defense from 8:45-9:15 a.m. in the ERB Lobby.

Origination source: Graduate College Master’s & Doctoral Defenses, 8/24/16 | Boise State UPDATE, 10/25/16

Ph.D. Students, Matthew May and Stephanie Lenhart, featured in FOCUS on Boise State University, Fall 2016

“Our students are generally interested in applying sophisticated research skills and technique to complex applied policy and administrative problems. Our focus is balancing public policy theory and applied research techniques to issues of public concern.”

– Dr. Greg Hill, Associate Professor

FOCUS on Boise State University, Fall 2016 edition, pg. 27

John Freemuth and MPA student, Mackenzie Case, penned an article to The Conversation, Oct. 13, 2016

Professor John Freemuth and his Graduate Assistant, Mackenzie Case, authored an article titled “Dems and the GOP are miles apart on yet another issue: Public lands” for The Conversation. In it they discuss Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton’s position between the issue of public lands.

Originating Sources: Boise State UPDATE, 10/17/16 | The Conversation, 10/13/16

PHD Student in Action – Oct. 11, 2016

Public Policy and Administration Doctoral student, Vanessa Fry, was featured in fry_vanessaa video produced by the Charitable Assistance to Community’s Homeless (CATCH) Inc. for her research on homelessness. View Fry’s video on homelessness here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update, Fry 10/11/16

PHD Student in Action – Oct. 9, 2016

Researchers with the Boise State Public Policy Research Center have eric-lindquist-kimberly-gardnerreceived a $97,000 Big Data planning grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to investigate how big data is perceived and how it can be used by criminal justice agencies in the western United States most effectively. At the head of this project is Public Policy and Administration doctoral student, Kimberly Gardner,  and director of the Public Policy Research Center, Eric Lindquist. Read more about the Big Data project here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update, Big Data 10/9/16

Sanghee Park’s Research on Public Debt

Dr. Sanghee Park’s article titled “Incentivizing Public Debt” about the Sanghee Parkinflated relationship between politicians and quangos was published by The Blue Review. In it she introduces why debt increases and the players that increase debt.

Originating sources: The Blue Review, Park 10/10/16

Freemuth to Speak at Tri-State Seminar

Professor John Freemuth will speak as part of a panel at the 12th annual tri-state John Freemuthseminar for federal judges in Sun Valley October 13th-15th. The panel will address federal land management policies that have been the source of recent conflicts and renewed efforts to transfer management to state or private control.

Freemuth was also quoted in an Associated Press story titled “Feds weigh mineral mining ban on 10M acres to protect bird”. Read the full story at the U.S. News and World Report here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 10/6/16, U.S. News 10/5/16

PhD Student in Action – Sept. 28, 2016

Amy Ferriter, a doctoral student in public policy and administration at Boise State, was asked to speak to an interim Legislative committee on Sept. 23 about policy considerations related to invasive species in Idaho. Read more about Amy’s research here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update, Student Research Spotlight 9/28/16

John Freemuth comments on Wildfire Rehabilitation

Professor John Freemuth was quoted in an Associated Press story titled “Wildfire rehabilitation in Idaho, Oregon includes herbicide, replanting” about efforts to rehabilitate land in Southwest Boise and Southeast Oregon that were burned by wildfires in 2015. Freemuth comments on Sage Grouse native to the effected area. Read the full story on The Columbian.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 9/22/16, The Columbian 9/21/16