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Our Ph.D. Students in Action

“Vanessa Fry, Assistant Director of the Public Policy Vanessa-Fry-PhotoResearch Center, gave a presentation to the Boise/Ada County Housing and Homelessness Roundtable on the costs associated with homelessness in Ada County, Idaho…Fry’s research shows that to address the needs of 100 individuals experiencing chronic homelessness in Ada County the community spends about $5.3 million on an annual basis. Providing a Housing First alternative to those individuals would cost about $1.6 million annual (not inclusive of capital cost for new housing units).”

Original Sources: Vanessa Fry, Update, 2/9/16

Keiser paid his “Academic Dues”

Professor John Freemuth was quoted in an article JohnKeiserwritten by The Arbiter about the recent passing of former Boise State President Dr. John Keiser. “Freemuth noted that faculty and staff alike respected him for paying his ‘academic dues'”.

Original Source: The Arbiter, 2/1/16

Major Federal Land Policy Change

Professor John Freemuth was quoted in an ABC News John Freemuth 1article titled “Wildfire Plan Seen as Biggest Land Policy Change in Decades”. The article discusses a federal land policy change initiated by Interior Secretary Sally Jewell that “directed federal resources for the first time to fight massive blazes in open sagebrush steppe habitat”.

Read Wildfire Plan Seen as Biggest Land Policy Change in Decades here.
Read the Update report on the ABC News article.

Protester’s Actions are “inexcusable” According to Freemuth

John Freemuth was quoted in an article Oregon-Protests-16SPpublished by the Las Vegas Review-Journal titled “Who owns the land? Debate won’t end when Bundys leave Oregon”. The article discusses the Bundys, a family of Oregon ranchers, and their attempts to get federal lands turned over to states and counties.

Original Sources: The Update: John Freemuth, 01/26/2016, 1/19/16,
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/17/16

Freemuth’s Article Peeks Inside Alaska’s Conservation Efforts

John Freemuth’s article titled “Insider Conservation” Alaska-Conservationwas by The Blue Review. The article focuses on key players and policies associated with Alaska’s conservation. Read the full article Read Insider Conservation here.

Original Sources: Insider Conservation, The Blue Review, 1/19/16

Protesters Occupy Wildlife Refuge in Oregon

John Freemuth is quoted in a VOA article in A8B17438-44AF-4198-9FE4-34D84F6FF360_cx7_cy7_cw88_mw1024_s_n_r1regards to the “Armed protesters [who] continue to occupy a U.S. national wildlife refuge in the western state of Oregon”. Protesters argue that federal officials have mistreated local ranchers. Freemuth comments that “there has been a change in public values about wildlife protection and public lands”. Read the full article Read Protesters Copy Ways of Extremists Against US here.

Original Sources: VOA, Protesters Copy Ways of Extremists Against US, 1/11/16

John Freemuth Joins the Conversation on U.S. Land Policy

Professor John Freemuth’s article titled “The twisted roots of U.S. land policy in the West” was published by The Conversation. In it he discusses the utility of land, creation of the BLM and conflicting views. Read The twisted roots of U.S. land policy in the West here.

Original Source: The Update, John Freemuth (95) 1/11/16,
The Conversation, 1/8/16

BLM Grant to Assist with Western Wildfire Strategies

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has granted The Andrus Center for Public Policy at Boise State University a five-year, $100,000 per year cooperative agreement grant. “The objective of the grant is to bring together federal, state, tribal and local interests along with other stakeholders to develop strategies to reduce the size, severity and cost of rangeland wildfires” Read BLM Grant to Assist with Western Wildfire Strategies in Update.

Original Source: BLM Grant to Assist with Western Wildfire Strategies, Campus Update, 12/8/2015 Idaho Statesman, 12/10/2015

BSU Receives Two CESU Grants

Boise State University has received two Cooperative Ecosystem Study Unit (CESU) grants to enhance the USGS Gap Analysis Program and Protected Area Database (PAD-US) contributions to federal land management. John Freemuth and Lisa Duarte are the principal investigators on the projects.

Original Source: Two New Grants Focus on Federal Land Management, The Update, 12/01/2015

NuScale Power Research Award

Geoff Black and David Solan, along with researchers from the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, were recently granted a research award from NuScale Power to analyze the economic viability of small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs).

Original Source: Geoff Black and David Solan The Update, 12/01/2015