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“Gender Balance Legistlation at the State and Local Level” by Wendy Jaquet, Boise State PhD Student in Public Policy and Administration

See article: Gender Balance Legislation at the State and Local Level, The Blue Review, 6/16/15

Boise State University Professor Emeritus, Jim Weatherby, quoted in The Spokesman-Review

Longtime Idaho political observer Jim Weatherby, a Boise State University professor emeritus, said, “If not criminal negligence, then at least gross mismanagement was on display in the CCA case. This will be a blemish on the Otter record regardless of legal technicalities.”

Weatherby said he hopes a newly named interim legislative committee on state purchasing procedures “can learn lessons from the CCA and IEN (Idaho Education Network) cases,” adding, “The credibility of state government is at stake.”

Original source: The Spokesman-Review, Corrections Corporation of America cleared in Idaho prison scandal, 5/21/15

John Freemuth Quoted in Idaho Statesman article on new fire plan

Freemuth225x300John Freemuth, a public lands expert, was quoted in an Associated Press story about U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell’s recent announcement of a new fire plan aimed at protecting sage grouse habitat. Freemuth said it is important for officials to show that protecting sage grouse habitat won’t come at the expense of fire protection in other areas. Read the full story in the Idaho Statesman.

Originally Cited in the Idaho Statesman

John Freemuth was quoted in the Idaho Statesman article about Secretary Jewell

John Freemuth, the Boise State University political science professor who has advised Interior officials working on the fire and sage grouse report, observed the inaction of the past decade and called the changes Jewell has made “remarkable.”

Originally cited: The Idaho Statesman, 5/18/15

Jim Weatherby was quoted in The Spokesman-Review

“I think generally there’s been, throughout his career, a lot of respect for him and the work he’s done,” said Jim Weatherby, Boise State University professor emeritus and a longtime observer of Idaho politics.

Weatherby said Crapo “covered his bases” in his choice of campaign co-chairmen, “drawing upon representatives of the various factions” of Idaho’s Republican Party, from tea party favorite Labrador to sitting Gov. Otter.

Original source: The Spokeman-Review, Idaho Sen. Crapo to run for 4th term 5/12/15

Justin Vaughn was quoted in an Associated Press article that ran in several media outlets, including the Detroit News.

Justin Vaughn was quoted in an Associated Press article that ran in several media outlets, including the Detroit News. It was titled “Obama’s presidential legacy begins to take shape.” As Obama begins to talk about post-administration goals, Vaughn notes that the issues president’s choose to embrace out of office tend to stem from personal values or events that occurred during their administration.Read Detroit Free Press article: Obama’s presidential legacy begins to take shape here.

Original Source: The Update, Justin Vaughn, 5/7/2015

Fettuccine Forum: Freemuth on Preserving the Environment

Boise State professor John Freemuth and his wife Sheri will present at the final Fettuccine Forum of the season at 5:30 p.m. May 7 at Boise City Hall, 150 N. Capitol Blvd. Doors open at 5 p.m. The popular lecture series is free and open to the public.

Original Source: Fettuccine Forum: Freemuth on Preserving the Environment, The Update: 4/16/15

Stephanie Witt named editor of Social Science Journal

Dr. Stephanie Witt, professor for the Department of Public Policy and Administration, has been named the editor of the Social Science Journal. “The position provides for a graduate assistantship for a doctoral student assistant. Witt believes the position will bring interest and attention to the university’s School of Public Service and its commitment to quality scholarship about social science, our region and our world” (The Update). Read more…

Original Sources: The Update, Stephanie Witt, 4/27/15

Jim Weatherby comments on Idaho’s “discrimination against particular denominations or religions” in the Idaho Statesman

Jim Weatherby, a political science professor emeritus at Boise State University, comments on Idaho’s “discrimination against particular denominations or religions” in an article regarding “Idaho’s history of religious fear” (Struyk). This article addresses a variety of topics including Mormon voting rights, Basque Catholic immigration, and Hindu Senate prayer.

Original Source: Idaho Statesman, 4/22/15

New School of Public Service

The Vice President, Laura Simic, comments on the changes that will be occurring as the College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs dissolves into the new School of Public Service and College of Arts and Science. The new School of Public Service, with Corey Cook serving as its inaugural dean, “is made up of rich and diverse academic programs that will prepare students, public servants and leaders to think both regionally and globally in an interdependent world”

Original Source: From the Vice President, 4/21/15, New School of Public Service, WIIFM?