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John Freemuth was referenced in an opinion piece from Boston University

Portrait of John Freemuth

John Freemuth recently was referenced in an opinion piece from Boston University titled “Public Land Transfer is a Bad Deal for Western Communities.”

The author uses Freemuth’s explanation that “in many cases it’s more profitable for both federal agencies and private entities to lease land than to sell. In 2014 the federal government made more than $13 billion by renting out public land to oil, gas, and coal companies for less than $5 an acre,” as one of her arguments against selling off federal land or transferring it to state control.

You can read the entire piece here:

Original Source: Boise State UPDATE, 6/28/17

PHD in PPA Student, Vanessa Crossgrove Fry, was invited to keynote Working Women’s Lunch

Vanessa fry portraitVanessa Crossgrove Fry was invited to keynote the Working Women’s Lunch at the 2017 Idaho AFL-CIO annual convention in Lewiston. Fry’s talk to the 100-plus delegates and guests focused on the gender pay gap. She discussed how collective bargaining is gender blind and therefore decreases pay disparity between men and women. She also discussed how women in unionized positions earn more than their counterparts in similar, non-unionized positions.

Originating source: Boise State UPDATE, 6/26/17


Greg Hill Presents at AIC Conference

Greg Hill Greg Hill, director of Boise State University’s Idaho Policy Institute, presented at the 2017 Association of Idaho Cities annual conference. Hill shared current research being conducted at the institute and also spoke about how cities can engage with the institute for research, technical assistance, and leadership development.

Launched in 2016, the Idaho Policy Institute provides objective research and analysis to aid in informed decision making and engage the public. To date, the Institute has engaged in over 20 projects across the state of Idaho on issues such as economic development, transportation, housing, and public defense

Originating source: Boise State Update, 6/26/17

MPA Student, Ana Costa, conducted research in Brazil

Brian Wampler poses with a grad student in Brazil

Brian Wampler, left, and grad student Ana Costa, right, pose with a contact in Brazil.

“Brian Wampler, a political science professor at Boise State, spent three weeks in northeast Brazil, conducting interviews for an ongoing book project. The work was done with the support of master’s of public administration student Ana Costa and former Boise State professor Mike Touchton, who is currently an assistant professor at the University of Miami.

While in Brazil, Wampler and his team analyzed how local democracies influence human development and social well being, in order to better understand how democratic practices affect the quality of people’s lives.

“Our research demonstrates how democratic practices influence social well-being,” Wampler said. “The basic argument is that public policies work better when citizens are engaged in designing policies as well as monitoring impact. Our research demonstrates how democratic participation, robust social policy protection and state capacity interact to improve people’s lives.”

Costa was responsible for first developing a bibliography of three case studies – or three municipalities – in Brazil. She then wrote up case studies of each municipality. Once in Brazil, Costa identified interview candidates and set up interviews, as well as helped conduct interviews with more than 45 people (roughly 15 people per city).

While in Brazil, Wampler also was involved in hosting an academic conference at the Federal University of Espirito Santo, located in Vitoria, Brazil. Wampler participated on three panels and was part of the conference’s closing panel. In addition, Wampler and Touchton gave a joint talk at the Joaquin Nabouco Foundation, which is a federal think-tank in Recife.”

Quoted original source: Boise State UPDATE, 6/20/17

John Freemuth recently was a featured guest on the BYU radio show, Top of Mind with Julie Rose

Portrait of John FreemuthJohn Freemuth recently was a featured guest on the BYU radio show Top of Mind with Julie Rose, where the topic of conversation was the recent conflict over the Bear’s Ears National Monument and how it could be seen as a litmus test of President Donald Trump’s approach to federal public land management.
Listen here:

Originating source: Boise State UPDATE, June 14, 2017 – BYU Radio Show

MPA Alumnus, Rick Just, was on the front page of the New York Times

MPA Alumnus, Rick Just, was on the front page of the New York Times (state parks funding), and USA Today (the weather in Boise better than anywhere else at that moment), but according to him, this was his first front pager in a foreign newspaper. Norway’s largest paper, talking about how great solar is in an article about how some Americans are doing what they can regarding climate change regardless of Trump pulling out of the Paris accord.

Originating source: Rick Just on facebook and Aftenposten on facebook, June 15, 2017

Dr. John Freemuth was quoted in an Associated Press article

John Freemuth was quoted in an article on a proposed federal cattle grazing plan for central Idaho’s Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, which immediately came under fire from environmentalists.

According to the article, Freemuth noted that 410,000 acres of the monument was designated as a preserve by Congress following efforts by U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson in 2002. For it to no longer be a preserve would require another act by Congress, Freemuth explained.

“They can’t touch the part that Simpson got in in 2002,” he said.

Original source: Boise State UPDATE, 5/30/17 – Associated Press | U.S. NEWS, 526/17 | Associated Press

Dr. John Freemuth was a guest on IPT

Justin Vaughn and John Freemuth with Melissa Davlin.
From left: Justin Vaughn, John Freemuth and Melissa Davlin

Public lands expert John Freemuth and political science expert Justin Vaughn – who act in the roles of executive director of the Andrus Center for Public Policy and co-director of the Center for Idaho History and Politics, respectively – were guests on the last episode of Idaho Public Television’s Idaho Reports. The duo discussed D.C. politics, budgets and their possible effects on Idaho with host Melissa Davlin.

You can watch the episode on Idaho Public Television’s Vimeo page.

Original source: Boise State UPDATE, 5/30/17 – IPT

Dr. John Freemuth, quoted on Law360, a LexusNexus Company

John Freemuth Expert Analysis

A Closer Look At Trump’s Antiquities Act Order

Originating source: Law360, 5/10/17

John Freemuth was quoted in a Boise State Public Radio article

Portrait of John Freemuth“John Freemuth was quoted in a Boise State Public Radio article titled “Craters Of The Moon Under Review By Trump Administration.” In the article, the public lands expert explained why Craters shouldn’t be on President Trump’s list of national memorials whose boundaries should be reviewed. In the 1990s, President Clinton added acreage to Craters – however:

“In 2002 Congress re-designated part of this as a national preserve to the Park Service,” said Freemuth. “An action of Congress here overrides anything that the president did.””

Originating source: Boise State UPDATE, 5/9/17 – Boise State Public Radio| Boise State Radio, 5/8/17