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Ph.D. Student, Johnathan Krutz, in action

Jonathan KrutzPh.D. student, Jonathan Krutz, wrote an editorial titled “What happens when a state ignores its own constitution?” that was published in the Feb. 9 issue of the Idaho Statesman. In it he discusses the presence of gambling in Idaho. Read the piece here on the Idaho Statesman website.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 2/17/2017 – Jonathan Krutz, Idaho Statesman 2/8/2017

MPA Alumna in action: Jillana Finnegan

photo of julliana finneganStaff from Advising and Academic Enhancement (AAE) presented at the 36th annual conference on The First-Year Experience in Atlanta, Georgia, this month. MPA Alumna and Associate Director, Jillana Finnegan, co-presented “Unlocking the FYE Curriculum: Online, Self-Paced, Free, One-Credit Course After Orientation” along side Interim Assistant Director Alizabeth Gaddie and First-Year Experience Advisor Tiara Thompson. Read more about their presentation at the 36th annual conference on The First-Year Experience here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 2/17/2017 – The First Year Experience

Dr. Les Alm Appointed SPS Faculty Director


Leslie Alm, ProfessorDr. Les Alm has agreed to serve as the SPS Faculty Director this spring and again next spring. Dr. Alm has been with Boise State University since 1991. During that time, he has served as the Department Chair for both the Political Science and Public Policy and Administration Departments, as well as Interim Associate Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs. As a prolific scholar, he has published over forty-four peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and book chapters. In 2011, Dr. Alm’s contributions to the field and to the university were recognized when he received Boise State’s Distinguished Professor Award. His primary research interests are environmental policy with attention to the science-policy linkage, the United States-Canada relationship and borderlands issue. Dr. Alm received the unanimous support of program leads/chair as being a great fit for this role over the next couple years. During the current evaluation cycle (and next year’s cycle), Dr. Alm will play an important role with other faculty and program leads. Dr. Alm will work collaboratively with faculty to ensure consistency and equity in our School-wide processes, including faculty goal formation, assigned workload, and evaluation. Congratulations Dr. Les Alm!


Ph.D. Student, Vanessa Fry, in action – February 13, 2017

image of vanessa fryPh.D. in Public Policy and Administration student Vanessa Fry wrote an article titled “Pay For Success?” that was published by The Blue Review this Monday. In it she discusses balancing multi-sector interests in uprooting homelessness and other persistent social issues. Read Vanessa Fry’s full article here on The Blue Review.

Originating Sources: The Blue Review, 2/13/2017

John Freemuth Quoted by The Verge

John Freemuth was quoted in a story by The Verge titled “Inside the GOP’s unpopular plan to sell off public wilderness”. Freemuth said that sometimes, when public lands get too expensive to manage, selling for a profit becomes more appealing. For instance: “Idaho, for example, makes money by harvesting timber on state land, Freemuth said. But Idaho also has sold 41 percent of its land — 1.7 million acres — to timber companies, cattle ranchers, private clubs and homeowners since it became a state in 1890.” Read the full story here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 2/6/2017, The Verge 2/2/2016

John Freemuth Quoted in Idaho Statesman

image of john freemuthJohn Freemuth was quoted in an Idaho Statesman story about how the Trump-ordered hiring freeze order might affect seasonal firefighters. Freemuth, a public lands expert and former National Park Service ranger, said the “uncertainty for agency scientists and other employees has workers jumpy.” Read the full story here.

Freemuth also was a guest on a radio show called Geno and the Professor Peabody, on KITC 106.5 FM, based in Gilchrist, Oregon. He discussed public lands policy.

John Freemuth Quoted by High Country News

John FreemuthProfessor John Freemuth was quoted in an article published by High Country News titled “Was the Bears Ears designation a victory?” The article discusses the opposition to the Bears Ears National Monument in Southeastern Utah designated by President Barack Obama this past December. Read the full article on the Bears Ears Monument here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 1/30/2017, High Country News 1/23/2017

Outdoor Enthusiasts Fear the Loss of Public Federal Lands

John Freemuth was quoted in an Associated Press article about outdoor enthusiasts who fear the transfer of millions of acres of federal public land to states. Freemuth comments that those who use public land for any sort of outdoor activity — snowmobiling, mountain biking, hunters, all that — are alarmed by recent U.S. House rules and the loss of access this could lead to. Read more about the future of public lands here.

Originating Sources: ABCNews 1/16/17

Jen Schneider Co-Authors an Article about the Coal Industry’s Rhetorical Playbook

An article co-authored by Jen Schneider titled “Inside the coal industry’s rhetorical playbook” about the rhetoric surrounding the upheaval in the U.S. coal industry was published in SFGate. In it the authors discuss the “war on coal” and Donald Trump’s energy platform.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 1/9/17, SFGate 1/8/1


John Freemuth Comments on Recent Legislation Regarding Public Lands

John Freemuth was quoted in a BuzzFeed article titled “Conservation Groups are Worried that Congress Will Give Away Public Lands,” about a bill passed by House Representatives that could make it easier to challenge the federal government’s stewardship of about 640 million acres of national lands. Freemuth comments that the House, “did this the first day in session which suggests there’s an agenda.” Read more about the issue of federal and state land management here.

Originating Sources: Boise State Update 1/5/17, BuzzFeed 1/5/17