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Amanda BollCriminal Justice Majors Accepted into Upper Division Criminal Justice Standing

Amanda Boll
(208) 426-3643

*You are considered upper division criminal justice standing if your application has been approved by the department.

Learn more about the application and criteria.

Dayana BreckenridgeGlobal Studies Major and Minor
Environmental Studies Major and Minor
Urban Studies and Community Development Major and Minor

Dayana Breckenridge
(208) 426-5243

Hayley JohnsonPre-Criminal Justice Major and Criminal Justice Minor

Hayley Johnson
(208) 426-5241

*You are considered Pre-Criminal Justice if you have not been admitted into the department by the application process.

Learn more about the application and criteria.

Brittany Sundell, Academic AdvisorPolitical Science Major and Minor
Political Communication Minor
Political Management Minor
Political Science, Social Science, Secondary Education Major

Brittany Sundell
(208) 426-2583