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Learning Objectives

amanda ashley teaching in bellevue

Boise State University students who graduate from the Urban Studies and Community Development program are well positioned to help shape our cities and grow our communities. Students that complete this program will be able to:

  1. Explain why it is important to study urban and metropolitan regions and their inhabitants
  2. Identify the community development challenges facing urban and regional communities
  3. Explain how political, economic, and cultural forces provide structure to urban society
  4. Describe how global and local conditions interact to shape urban environments
  5. Identify the stakeholders, institutions, and public policies that influence community growth and decline
  6. Analyze the well-being of urban communities and their constituencies
  7. Analyze the roles of social justice and diversity in communities, cities and regions
  8. Assess and apply relevant solutions for complex urban and community problems
  9. Develop communication strategies for sharing and disseminating information and research
  10. Demonstrate the ability to work in team settings and collaborate with community groups
  11. Reflect on how urban studies and community development informs the understanding and practice of public service