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Urban Studies Major

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Our applied undergraduate degree values a strong set of core classes and then offers students a flexible menu of electives and practical tools and strategies that align with a diverse set of career and civic paths. Students actively participate in experiential learning as part of their coursework through service learning, undergraduate applied research, urban field school, and internships. We believe that the best education connects what you learn in the classroom with what happens in the real world of public service.

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*See degree checklist for university requirements and elective requirements.

Requirements for Urban Studies Major:

Content Areas

  • URBAN 200 Introduction to Urban Studies
  • URBAN 201 Planning and Environment
  • URBAN 300 Urban Infrastructure
  • SOC 425 Urban Sociology
  • ECON 432 Urban Economics
  • POLS 404 Urban Politics

Applied Research and Tools

  • SPS 240 Playing with Public Data
  • SPS 300 Communication in Public Service
  • GEOG 360 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Select 3 credits from the following short courses:

  • URBAN 340 Public Participation and Civic Engagement
  • URBAN 341 Grant and Proposal Development
  • URBAN 342 Survey Design
  • URBAN 343 Public/Private Partnerships
  • URBAN 344 Public Finance and Budgeting
  • URBAN 345 Data Visualization
  • URBAN 346 Community Development Strategies
  • URBAN 347 Real Estate Development
  • URBAN 348 Historic Preservation
  • URBAN 349 Leadership in Community Development
  • URBAN 350 Greening Strategies for the City

Experiential Learning

  • SPS 200 Careers in Public Service
  • URBAN 493 Internship or
  • URBAN 496 Independent Study
  • URBAN 491 Project Seminar
  • URBAN 492 Capstone

Students may select 3 courses from a menu of urban and community development electives.

Requirements for Urban Studies Minor:

  • SPS 240 Playing with Public Data
  • SPS 300 Communication in the Public Sphere
  • URBAN 200 Intro to Urban Studies & Community Development
  • URBAN 201 Planning and the Environment

Choose two of the following:

  • * ECON 432 Urban Economics
  • POLS 404 Urban Politics
  • * SOC 425 Urban Sociology
  • URBAN 300 Urban Infrastructure

*These courses have a prerequisite that is not for the minor, but is required prior to taking this course.